Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MVS: Most Valuable Shark

MIN: Most Important News

Stunningly, the Sharkadina Blog has been nominated for a Most Valuable Blogger Award by CBS Washington (Don't worry, I didn't know there were valuable bloggers either).  You may not think we are valuable but show your love of the Shark by voting every day!  The task is simple....

Go to the CBS MVB Washington Sharkadina Page:

Click the giant green (it's red) button that says Vote for this Site... and voila, you're screen should now look like this:

The voting runs through September 9th, so you should totally vote every day (because you can) on every computer/phone/web browser you have (because you can).  Your support is great(white shark)ly appreciated!  Now go make Bernadina proud!

MLU: Minor League Update

The Shark has had some time to rest lately.   When you last heard from us, on Sunday, the Shark had led the Chiefs to victory the night prior and was ready to go on a tear.  Then, it started raining... and it kept raining forever, and the world was washed away, and you, the reader of this blog turn out to be the last human survivor.  Nevermind, that didn't happen.  However, Sunday's game was postponed and then the double header makeup on Monday was cancelled too.  The Shark toured the world in this time,  searching for human survivors of the flood.  I digress again.

On Tuesday, the Chiefs opened a series against the Gwinnett(doesn't sound like a real place to me) Braves.  Powered by a well rested Shark, the Chiefs obliterated the Braves 13-4The Shark went 1-3 with 2 runs and 2 RBIs.  His RBIs came in the first inning when he homered to give the Chiefs the lead.  You can listen to the call on the Audio highlights.  I have said it before but the Chiefs Radio Broadcasters are the best.  Calling Bernadina the Shark, just flows off the tongue so well!

SOT: Shark on Twitter

Roger Bernadina has a Twitter account! @RogerTheShark  It really is a good twitter name...

I completely wrecked the style of this blogpost with the above "Finally:".  Oh well.  Tyler, Elizabeth, Zac, and I  (picture will come when I get one from Zac) went to the Nationals game last night!  It was a lot of fun as the Nationals beat the Braves 6-4.  The outfield made the spectacular Shark-like plays.  That said, FREE SHARK.  PROMOTE BERNADINA RIGHT NOW!

More to come.

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