Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Million Shark March

The world appears to be falling apart without the Shark on the Nats roster...

Or more appropriately, sharks appear to be tearing the world apart.

As many of you experienced, there was an earthquake yesterday, August 23rd, at approximately 1:50 PM.  Thankfully no one was killed in it and scientists quickly jumped to the conclusion that a quake in the Rockies led to the one on the East Coast.  This has recently been debunked.  Apparently,  over a million Shark fans (coincidentally all sharks) rammed into some tectonic plates in the Atlantic to make a point.

Said one rather flustered Bull Shark, "It is nearly impossible to get your voice heard when all the humans on earth refuse to listen.  Yesterday we made a point.  Promote the Shark!"

Chet, a laid back looking Whale Shark threatened, "If the Nats don't bring the Shark back up, the earth is gonna keep shaking.  Catch my drift?"

If the Nationals Organization has any respect for the human race, they will heed the warnings and promote the Shark ASAP.    We now know the power of the Shark...

Tyler and I will be at the game tonight.  Keep an eye out for hoods and signs.

More to come.

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