Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bernadina kicks off Shark Week with a bang!

Amazingly, even without the Shark in DC for Shark Week, the Nationals managed to beat the Atlanta Braves 5-3.  The hero of the game? RicK AnKiel, yes, the widowmaKer, himself.  He homered twice in the game and later announced he had done it for Roger Bernadina.

Said AnKiel, "Look, even I wish the Shark was here instead of me.  I may as well do the best damn im'shark'ation I can in the meantime though."

Ankiel's Shark support didn't stop our old friend Ben Goessling from taking a jab at us Shark Fans.  Following Ankiel's second HR, Goessling tweeted:

Ouch, that really hurt, Ben. Wait no, no it didn't. The Nationals won their third straight game and that is a good thing.  The fact that it is Shark Week is another good thing!  Finally, what may have been missed by Benny, was that the Shark homered too!

In his first at-bat back for Syracuse, the Shark homered to deep right field, leading off Shark Week with a bang!  I first heard news from the radio announcers for the Chiefs, when they tweeted:

Also, as they told me they would, they utilized the Shark nickname in calling the shot, by exclaiming "Happy Shark Week!"  You can listen to the audio highlights of the game here!  The Shark Week call is right at the beginning!

The Chiefs are definitely glad to have the Shark back (he finished the game 1-2, with 3 walks!), and we are glad to see the Shark playing full time.  Shark Week isn't over yet.   Bernadina is still going to leave his mark.

More to come.

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