Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Million Shark March

The world appears to be falling apart without the Shark on the Nats roster...

Or more appropriately, sharks appear to be tearing the world apart.

As many of you experienced, there was an earthquake yesterday, August 23rd, at approximately 1:50 PM.  Thankfully no one was killed in it and scientists quickly jumped to the conclusion that a quake in the Rockies led to the one on the East Coast.  This has recently been debunked.  Apparently,  over a million Shark fans (coincidentally all sharks) rammed into some tectonic plates in the Atlantic to make a point.

Said one rather flustered Bull Shark, "It is nearly impossible to get your voice heard when all the humans on earth refuse to listen.  Yesterday we made a point.  Promote the Shark!"

Chet, a laid back looking Whale Shark threatened, "If the Nats don't bring the Shark back up, the earth is gonna keep shaking.  Catch my drift?"

If the Nationals Organization has any respect for the human race, they will heed the warnings and promote the Shark ASAP.    We now know the power of the Shark...

Tyler and I will be at the game tonight.  Keep an eye out for hoods and signs.

More to come.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nats need Shark to FEAST on Phillies

The Nats playing the Phillies are some of my favorite moments of the year.  To the Phillies, the Nats are just another team 20+ games back in the division race with a losing record.  To the Nats, a chance to prove themselves as a team, prove they are contenders, prove they belong in the USA and not in taiga outskirts of Montreal.  As I came to realize yesterday, if the Nats want to do that, they need to FREE THE SHARK.

Following a beautiful Ryan Zimmerman walkoff homerun on Friday night, the Nationals looked a bit dead at the plate last night.  I was there with my friend Calder, as Tyler was busy... doing something?  We started in our standard nosebleed, Section 226 seats, but moved way down to Section 109 after the 5th inning.  Besides the few Phillies fans who were making offensive gestures in my direction (or maybe it was just their faces), the fans in our immediate vicinity were amazingly friendly and docile.  They talked the talk of the stereotypical Phillies fans, wanting to run on the field naked, shoot the mascots with BB guns, and throw up on each other, but they kept those actions suppressed.

Somewhat upsettingly, in my estimate, at least 3/4 of the stands were filled by Phillies fans.  Whenever the crowd cheered, I had to figure out whether the Nats had a hit or an out.  More often than not it was an out...

I GOT A BOBBLEHEAD THOUGHIan Desmond didn't do anything at the plate, nor in the field....  At least he's a good dad!  I knew it was going to be a tough day for him, when I opened the box and his leg was snapped in half....bad juju.

The Shark has been his standard intimidating self in the minors and I hope the Nats call him up soon.  He's a danger to everyone in the minors, because he's better than everyone else combined.  I want to see the Shark feasting on the Phillies, because nothing would make me happier.  Nothing. Nothing at all.   Also, I want to do more Shark Vs. images, and finding high quality pictures of minor league teams, is tricky.

In finality. VOTE FOR SHARKADINA!!!!

Ty and I are going to the Nats game on Wednesday.  Free the Shark!

More to come.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nats and Chiefs both lose 2-1

First off, did you vote for Sharkadina yet today?  You can just click the handy badge directly to the right of this text.  Go ahead, do it now, I'll wait....

THANK YOU!  We know that a lot of those blogs nominated are awesome and very informational, but are any of them as strange or specific as ours?  I didn't think so, and doesn't that count for something in the blogging world?  Now, onto the news...

The Shark went 2-3 last night, but had a mixed night running the bases.  He had 1 SB, but was also caught stealing and picked off during the game.  The Chiefs were being aggressive in the close game, but they ended up on the losing end of the pitchers duel, 2-1.  Roger Bernadina's AVG is now .252 and Brad Peacock takes the mound tonight in the third game of the series against the Braves.

Meanwhile, back in DC, the Sharkless-Nationals lost by the same score.  We've lost a lot of 1 run games this year, but this was particularly painful.  Ryan Zimmerman led off the bottom of the 9th with a solo home run and the next few batters managed to load the bases with only one out.  All Wilson "The Buffalo" Ramos had to do was hit a sac fly and the game would be tied.  I'll give you one guess on what actually happened: game ending double play goundball to second on the first pitch.  Nats fans everywhere went from excited to depressed in exactly . 63 seconds.

Well, I have some news that might cheer you up!  Nats Manager Davey Johnson listed Roger Bernadina as a potential September call-up!  Here is the quote, from Federal Baseball:

Still it was a surprise to many when Nats' Skipper Davey Johnson, in mentioning the names of potential September call-ups like outfielders Corey Brown and Roger Bernadina, middle infielder Stephen Lombardozzi, first baseman Chris Marrero and pitchers Tom Milone, Brad Peacock, Craig Stammen, Yunesky Maya and Atahualpa Severino, mentioned that Michael Morse might spend some time in left field to allow Marrero to get a look at first and allow Morse to prepare for next season when Adam LaRoche is likely to return at first. 
 That's right everybody...gear up for SHARKTEMBER!

More to come...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MVS: Most Valuable Shark

MIN: Most Important News

Stunningly, the Sharkadina Blog has been nominated for a Most Valuable Blogger Award by CBS Washington (Don't worry, I didn't know there were valuable bloggers either).  You may not think we are valuable but show your love of the Shark by voting every day!  The task is simple....

Go to the CBS MVB Washington Sharkadina Page:

Click the giant green (it's red) button that says Vote for this Site... and voila, you're screen should now look like this:

The voting runs through September 9th, so you should totally vote every day (because you can) on every computer/phone/web browser you have (because you can).  Your support is great(white shark)ly appreciated!  Now go make Bernadina proud!

MLU: Minor League Update

The Shark has had some time to rest lately.   When you last heard from us, on Sunday, the Shark had led the Chiefs to victory the night prior and was ready to go on a tear.  Then, it started raining... and it kept raining forever, and the world was washed away, and you, the reader of this blog turn out to be the last human survivor.  Nevermind, that didn't happen.  However, Sunday's game was postponed and then the double header makeup on Monday was cancelled too.  The Shark toured the world in this time,  searching for human survivors of the flood.  I digress again.

On Tuesday, the Chiefs opened a series against the Gwinnett(doesn't sound like a real place to me) Braves.  Powered by a well rested Shark, the Chiefs obliterated the Braves 13-4The Shark went 1-3 with 2 runs and 2 RBIs.  His RBIs came in the first inning when he homered to give the Chiefs the lead.  You can listen to the call on the Audio highlights.  I have said it before but the Chiefs Radio Broadcasters are the best.  Calling Bernadina the Shark, just flows off the tongue so well!

SOT: Shark on Twitter

Roger Bernadina has a Twitter account! @RogerTheShark  It really is a good twitter name...

I completely wrecked the style of this blogpost with the above "Finally:".  Oh well.  Tyler, Elizabeth, Zac, and I  (picture will come when I get one from Zac) went to the Nationals game last night!  It was a lot of fun as the Nationals beat the Braves 6-4.  The outfield made the spectacular Shark-like plays.  That said, FREE SHARK.  PROMOTE BERNADINA RIGHT NOW!

More to come.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shark Trick

If you were noticing that these posts have been short recently... you've noticed correctly!  This one is probably no different, unless I go on a long tangent and use run on sentences that never seem to end but don't necessarily seem to ramble until the point that they become so long that I feel self concious that people won't understand that I am doing on purpose...


The Syracuse Chiefs won again last night, beating the Yankees 4-2. The Shark was a major component of the victory, going 1 for 4 with a stolen base.  His biggest contribution came in the 7th, when, with the Chiefs down 2-1, he singled with 2 outs to continue the inning.  He promptly stole second base, and lurked there, waiting patiently...  The following batter then struck out... BUT the Yankees pitcher threw wildly, and the Shark, with his eyes on the prize, didn't stop at third on the bad throw, and instead crossed home plate knotting the game at 2.  Shark is tricky!  The Chiefs scored two more in the next inning to seal the victory.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the Nationals could have used the Shark, because he might have helped prevent the embarrassing 11-3 loss that the Nats suffered.  I would estimate that the Shark would have robbed about 8 of the runs that the Phillies scores, which would have meant a 3-2 victory.  I mean, there is no official guarantee that this is the case, but I can pretty much promise you that the Nats would have won in the Shark played.

In other Shark-news, the Anti-Shark, Logan Morrison was recently demoted to AAA from the Marlins.  Said the organization, "if Roger Bernadina isn't playing, there really is no need for the Anti-Shark."  Here's hoping their lifelong battle continues in the minors...

More to come.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peacock + Shark = Deadly

Who knew that a Shark coupled with a Peacock could make such a deadly combination.  Last night, in Syracuse, Brad Peacock twirled a gem, giving up just 1 run in 5 and 2/3 innings, while striking out 9 leading to a 7-4 Syracuse win over the Yankees. His inspiration, Roger "the Shark" Bernadina.

"I know that it is silly," Peacock explained after the game, "but with the Shark on the Chiefs, I feel like I'm already in the Show.  He has major league talent and experience and knowing he's patrolling center field, gives me a confidence which is almost impossible to describe.  I feel like a fruit bat"

Nobody really knew what he meant by the "fruit bat" comment, but they let it slide because he pitched so well.  Also, they ignored the fact that Bernadina went hitless in the game (0-4).  They (the people of earth) know what the Shark can do and know the importance of his presence in a lineup.  Both of these men will get a call-up before the year is over.  Hopefully sooner than later...

Brad Peacock and Roger Bernadina pose after the game
Meanwhile in the majors, the Nationals are fighting to get their record back to .500 and beyond.  Beating the Phillies last night 4-2 was a good sign.  Also, Mako Morse's silly antics help a bit too.

More to come.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


At last update, the Shark was going through a Minor (League) slump, dealing with his demotion to AAA, while he knows where he belongs on a Major League roster.  That was history.  Following a day off, the Shark erupted last night for a 3-3 day, with 2 doubles and a HBP.  He's fighting for that September call-up!



More to come... I promise

Monday, August 8, 2011

All Quiet on the Shark Front

Well things have been pretty quiet around here lately, Loyal Shark Fans.  The Nationals split a four game series in Colorado and now are headed to Chicago to take on the Cubs.  The Nats record sits at 55-59 and the most exciting thing happening in the organization is Stephen Strasburg pitched 3 innings in Single-A Hagerstown. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...The Shark is still playing for the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs. They were just swept in a 4 game series in Columbus, Ohio.  The Shark only had one hit in the entire series:

August 4: 1-4, double, 2 RBIs
August 5: 0-3, two walks and a run
August 6: 0-5
August 7: 0-4

He's going to have start playing A LOT better if he wants Davey to call him back up to the big leagues.

I wish I had better news to report, but you'll just have to look at this picure of a sad shark instead:

More to come.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shark too good for AAA

The Shark didn't play yesterday, and Shark Week came to a screeching halt.  The lack of Shark in the baseball world sent such a rift through the Nationals organization, that it caused them to lose to the Braves 6-4 last night. Dan Uggla, previous scared to death of the Shark, therefore slumping, continued to swing a hot bat, clubbing another home run and 3 RBIs.  The Nationals needed the Shark out there to rob it.  The Great Werth hit a home run, but it wasn't enough to stop the Braves.

The day before that though...  THE NATIONALS WON! Mako Morse and RicK AnKiel helped a lot (RicK still doing his best Shark impression) by homering.  Meanwhile in Toledo, the Chiefs 'sharkthrottled' the Mud Hens 17-2. The Shark ended 1 for 6 but scored 2 runs and stole 2 bases.  You can listen to the audio highlights here.   In his 2 games back with Syracuse, the Shark has 3 runs, a HR, 2 SB, and an RBI.   He's too good to be held down for long.

Other Sh**k:
Yesterday, if you said Roger "the Shark" Bernadina (or maybe your just had to say Shark) at California Tortilla, you could get a free taco with any purchase.  I definitely took advantage of that.  Did you?

Teddy Roosevelt wants Roger Bernadina back in a Nationals uniform... NOW

Photo from DCsportsbog
The Chiefs are heading to Columbus for a series to close out the rest of Shark Week.  Additionally, the Nationals are heading to Colorado to battle the Rockies.  The Shark will crush any Col it faces.  Bring it.

More to come.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bernadina kicks off Shark Week with a bang!

Amazingly, even without the Shark in DC for Shark Week, the Nationals managed to beat the Atlanta Braves 5-3.  The hero of the game? RicK AnKiel, yes, the widowmaKer, himself.  He homered twice in the game and later announced he had done it for Roger Bernadina.

Said AnKiel, "Look, even I wish the Shark was here instead of me.  I may as well do the best damn im'shark'ation I can in the meantime though."

Ankiel's Shark support didn't stop our old friend Ben Goessling from taking a jab at us Shark Fans.  Following Ankiel's second HR, Goessling tweeted:

Ouch, that really hurt, Ben. Wait no, no it didn't. The Nationals won their third straight game and that is a good thing.  The fact that it is Shark Week is another good thing!  Finally, what may have been missed by Benny, was that the Shark homered too!

In his first at-bat back for Syracuse, the Shark homered to deep right field, leading off Shark Week with a bang!  I first heard news from the radio announcers for the Chiefs, when they tweeted:

Also, as they told me they would, they utilized the Shark nickname in calling the shot, by exclaiming "Happy Shark Week!"  You can listen to the audio highlights of the game here!  The Shark Week call is right at the beginning!

The Chiefs are definitely glad to have the Shark back (he finished the game 1-2, with 3 walks!), and we are glad to see the Shark playing full time.  Shark Week isn't over yet.   Bernadina is still going to leave his mark.

More to come.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Saddest Shark Week Ever

As the trade deadline approached, all Loyal Shark Fans waited with baited breath to hear if the Shark would be traded.  It looked like there was a very real possibility that he would be going to the Twins.  The rumor was Storen and Bernadina for CF Denard Span and possibly pitcher Kyle Gibson.  Then the Twins started demanding that the Nats top infield prospect Stephen Lombardozzi be included in the deal.  That was just too much and even Rizzo isn't stupid enough to do that.  He is stupid enough to send The Shark back to Syracuse though, sparking unconfirmed reports that The Shark then asked to be traded.  At least he brought some fish tacos with him to Syracuse, but it doesn't look like it is cheering him up:

This is the saddest Shark Week ever.  

By the way, the Nats won 3-2 against the Mets yesterday.  More recaps when we are less depressed...

More to come.