Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello Shark Fans,

I've been working 80 hours a week for the past 3 weeks, so you may have noticed fewer than usual posts, pictures, tweets, everything.  You are noticing that, because that is what happened.  There were fewer.  Well, I'm here to say that we are now back on track!  Now i can work 40 hours a week at Imagination Stage, and 40 hours a week on Sharkadina too (nope)!

We've been s bad, that we haven't posted any information about the shark since Shark Vs Dodgers appeared on Friday night!  Some of you follow the Nationals, and our recaps are less than useful anyway, so you know how the Shark is doing.  For you, I ask you to skip down, because this weekend Nationals recap is not going to be pretty.  For those of you who don't follow the Nationals, please enjoy:

Friday night went pretty well for the Nationals as they beat the Dodgers 7-2.  Though Bernadina ended the night 0-3, his presence inspired John Lannan to hit his first career HR and allow only 1 earned run in 6.1 innings.  After the game, Lannan stated, "It was time to repay the Shark for all those game saving plays and clutch hits."

Saturday was not as pretty.  For one thing, the Shark didn't start so we don't care what happened. Just kidding, but if you must know, the Nationals lost 7-6 despite Mako and Werth combining to go 3 for 7 with 2 runs, a SB, and 3 RBIs.

On Sunday, the Nationals offense was held down, and they fell 3-1.  The Shark went 0-3 but his walk led to the only run scored by the Nats when he came around on Mako Morse's RBI single. 2 singles in the first inning were all the hits the Nats could manage as Chad Billingsley was on fire.  Then after the game, he spontaneously combusted.

Shark's weekend stats were 0-7, 1 R which may worry some, but not us.  Things will turn around again for the Shark on the upcoming homestand.

Tyler vs. Terry
Are you may or may not have known, Tyler and I are playing fantasy baseball this year (we played last year too, and Tyler won 6-4 in the championship game). This year, Tyler's team Shark CHOMPians has been dominating the 12-team head-to-head league (although it appears only 5 people are truly paying attention).  At one point, this season, Shark CHOMPians held a 15 game lead over the second place team.  My team on the other hand, The Shark Tank, squandered several chances early on, and mostly lived in the bottom 1/3 of the league (which is really sad since that meant the people who don't look at their fantasy teams, were doing better for me).  But then I picked up Roger Bernadina.  I changed my name from 3rd Degree Bernadina to The Shark Tank and things have been looking up since.  I have shot up in the rankings and Tyler's once insurmountable lead, has dwindled to 6.5 games.

We matched up earlier this season, with Tyler edging me 5-4.  We matched up again last week, and this time, The Shark Tank took over (led by the Great Werth and Mako Morse).  I beat Tyler 6-4, which gives me the season series 10-9 win.  We match up pretty well, but The Shark Tank rules supreme.

There is less than a week until Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which means several things...
  1. Order a fish taco at California Tortilla this Thursday, June 28th and get a Free Shark Fin Hat.
  2. Wear that Shark Fin Hat to CalTort on Wednesday, August 3rd and receive another taco FOR FREE!
  3. Look some of our Roger Bernadina with fish taco photo-editing is on CalTort's website!
  4. Trying to get a big group together to go to the Nationals game a week from today, August 1st.  It's gonna be another Shark Night to remember, so sport your CalTort Fins and be at that game!
The Nationals have a day off today until they return home to face the Florida Marlins tomorrow.  The Shark will be feasting on Fish indeed... Now to wrap Ricky Nolasco up in a CalTort taco shell and snap a picture so I can win burritos for a year!

More to come.

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  1. Best one is upper left corner with Shark feeding the shark a taco. Haaaa!