Saturday, July 2, 2011


You may think this post is about delicious shark shaped fruit snacks (which was half of the way to cope with a Nats loss).  For those who were thinking, and perhaps hoping that, I'm sorry but I have to disappoint you because instead of fruits snacking....

It was the Shark who snacked!  On the Pittsburgh PiratesAs predicted!

In the first game of a 4-game, 3-day series against the Pirates, the Nationals walked off winners 2-1Tom Gorzolanny pitched brilliantly, giving up just 1 unearned run to keep the Nats in it until Matt Stairs (yes, really Matt Stairs) could win it in the 9th.  While Stairs got a lot of credit for the win, it was the Shark who held the team together.

Bernadina has settled into the leadoff spot regularly since Riggleman's exit and Johnson's debut and today's game proved why he's earned it. He led off the game with a single, but was stranded at third after a Ryan Zimmerman double play.  Bernadina decided to take control of the game at that point, hitting a home run in the sixth inning (and Charlie Slowes aptly called him the Shark again) to tie the game at 1.  Then, in the 8th, with Ankiel on first and the game still tied, the Shark laid down a beautiful bunt, and beat the throw to first.  While it was ruled a sac bunt and and error, replays showed him beating the throw (Fastest Shark Alive). Shark wanted to start a rally, but then The Great Werth, Zim, and the Loch Nix Monster each struck out.  Bernadina ended the game 2-3 which leads me to believe that the Shark thrives in his home waters

Unfortunately, neither Tyler or I (Terry) could make it to the game. Even without us, it was really good to hear about all the Shark support (perhaps the Washington Post article won over some fans...)! @3NatsFans were at the the park, and translated their Shark cheers into dutch "haai = shark."  Also, our favorite photographer Cheryl Nichols (who I will say again, takes the best pictures), reported hearing "so many "Shark" chants" and snapped this great picture of fans doing the fin gesture:

Spreading the Shark Love
There was a more Shark love after Matt Stairs' walk off single.  @JWerthsBeard pointed this out: Drew Storen (far right) is clearly doing the Shark Chomp as he leaps into the celebrations.  Way to go, Storen!

It was a good win for the Nationals and a great game for the Shark.  The Sharkdown continues this weekend, starting with today's double header...  Expect the Shark to continue snacking....

More to come.

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  1. This is amazing! You definitely stumbled upon one of the Nats biggest fans!!!