Friday, July 8, 2011

The Shark is really good...

Ok, tonight's 10-9 loss to the Cubs was down right crazy.  At one point (bottom of the 5th inning) the Nationals held an 8-0 lead over the Chicago Cubs... Then for whatever reason, (I blame everyone who dislikes the Shark nickname), the Nationals let it all slip away, giving up 6 runs in the 6th, 2 in the 7th, and 1 in each of the last two innings.  Livan Hernandez gave up 6 runs in his last 2/3 innings pitched, then Coffey, Burnett, and H-Rod let the game get out of hand.

The Shark did his best to help the Nats win.  He ended the game 3 for 6 with 2 runs, 1 RBI and a SB.  The Nationals scored 7 runs in the 3rd, thanks especially to Bernadina's TWO HITS IN ONE INNING.  The Shark's incredible catches are going to earn him a Gold Glove this year, because he made ANOTHER incredible diving catch in left field today.  His average is now up to .267 and he has 13 SB on the year.  Only Ian Desmond has more stolen bases than the Shark (and Daddy Desmond hasn't stolen one since June 18th).  The Shark didn't want to lose this game.  Tonight was an anomaly.  I don't expect this kind of Pre-Shark Nationals collapse to become a trend.

Be sure to watch the replay of the Shark's jawsome diving catch and keep an eye on the crowd's reactions.  In the below picture, I have circled who you should look out for!

Fan's react to Bernadina's diving catch.
Speaking of Replays:
I mentioned a couple of days ago that they dropped the Shark nickname on ESPN's Baseball Tonight.  Well, thanks to Super Shark fan Sherry, we now have videographic (is that a word?) proof of this!  Sadly, the nickname wasn't used when he made an awesome sliding catch in the same game, but we'll take it, nonetheless...

Fun Facts:
  1. The Shark has scored at least one run in 7 out of the last 8 games.
  2. The Shark has made a MLB Top Play catch in 4 out of the last 5 games.
  3. On my late night Metro ride home from work, two people (one was a Washington Nationals usher) instantly recognized Bernadina when I simply asked them, "How did the Shark do tonight?"  They agreed that the Shark had a good night.
I know this post is relatively short, compared to the impressiveness of the Shark's game tonight, but I am tired from working for 13 hours today.  I will try to add some more interesting things tomorrow...

Speaking of Tomorrow:
The Nationals kick off a series with the Colorado Rockies for the final series before the All-Star Break. The day before and the day after the All-Star Break are my least favorite days of the year (ask Tyler if you don't believe me).  The Shark is streaking, so at least this weekend should be good (Tyler and a HUGE group of Shark fans will be at Sunday's game).  Wondering how the Shark can take out an entire mountain range.  You will find out tomorrow.

More to come.

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