Friday, July 29, 2011

The Shark is the only Stanton Stopper

Apparently, there is nothing Mike Stanton likes to do more than play against the Washington Nationals.  Especially at Nats Park... Last night he hit his 8th HR in his 12th career game at Nationals Park, as the Florida Marlins beat the Nats 5-2, to complete a series sweep...  It was upsetting and ridiculous.  One because of the loss, and two, because The Shark didn't start in center field.

Because I can, I'm going to just go ahead and say that if Bernadina started, the Nationals would have one.  Mike Stanton has been a huge problem for the Nats this year, and who is the one player who seems to be able to slow him down?  Roger Bernadina!  Remember "the catch?"  At the risk of sounding like I am exaggerating (but not truly exaggerating in the slightest), Bernadina is the one person who can stop StantonThe Shark is the Stanton Stopper.  Sure Stanton is a beast, but The Shark is the greatest and most powerful predator on earth.  He can catch anything. He can stop anything. Even you Mike Stanton.

Soured by the bad taste of defeat, the Nationals, led by the Shark will attempt to turn their fortunes around against the Beltran-less Mets.  Here is what you can expect in this series...
  1. Jose Reyes crying like a little girl when a call doesn't go his way
  2. A two years older version of Chien Ming Wang.
  3. Some of this.
  4. More Shark playing time (2 RHPs)
  5. People in the stadium wearing California Tortilla Shark Fin Hats.
  6. A wind-whipped old man offering you a hug in exchange for a fun sized Snickers bar
More to come.

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