Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shark hunts finners, Vote Mako

Back and forth games have seem to become the Nationals favorite types of games.  The Nationals had the lead, lost the lead, tied the game, then won the game in the 10th.  The Great Werth came up big in extra innings, stealing a base, then coming around to score on a wild pitch to seal the victory.  The Mako-less Nationals used timely hitting, and stay-in-the-ballgame pitching to stay within striking distance.

The Shark went 0-5 but scored the first run of the game, after he reached base on an error.  I'm not sure how many errors Bernadina has forced on the field, but first basemen (in this case Carlos Pena) need to start realizing there is a Shark on the other team, and give up.  There was some defensive confusion between Jayson Werth and the Shark which led to the Cubs taking the lead in the 4th.  A texas-leaguer dropped between the two outfielders and no one seemed to have a bead on the ball.  Communication between two different types of sharks is always difficult.

The Shark's quiet game is the result of a new mission he has set for himself.  Tired of the slow process in worldwide governments to enforce the banned act of shark finning, Bernadina has taken it upon himself to stop the process.  Immediately after games, the Shark circumnavigates the globe and hunts down there finners.  Despite the Shark's speed, the process is slow going and physically exhausting.  It is, however, a noble cause to protect his brethren.  When the finning problem is eliminated, the Shark will again have peace of mind, and can return focus to baseball.  Bear with him until then.

All Star Shark:
Mako Morse is a Final Vote candidate for the All Star GameVote early and often so we can get at least one Shark in the All-Star Game!!  It only takes a minute!

The Shark returns to action tonight, leading off against the CubsRevenge and the Shark go hand in hand so be prepared for a Sharkfest tonight!

More to come.

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