Saturday, July 30, 2011

No Joy in Sharkville

Yesterday, July 29, 2011, the Shark was optioned to Triple-A SyracuseRidiculous!

This leads to many questions...
  • Will the Shark stay in the Nationals organization?
  • If the Shark gets traded, will Terry and Tyler quit their jobs and follow him to whichever city he ends up at?
  • Will the Nationals trade for BJ Upton or Denard Span?
  • Will Terry and Tyler still wear Shark hats to Nationals games?
  • Will the Nationals fans revolt, overthrow Mike Rizzo, and create the nations first, fan-run baseball organization, with the Shark manning the entire outfield and everyone on the team taking on an animal nickname, and finally completing the National's Zoo?
  • Will my cat stop biting me now?  I mean come on!
As Shark fans, we have one thing to hold on to... And that's hope.  We hope things work out for the Shark no matter what happens and we hope we can stay in contact with him, CAUSE THE GUY IS AWESOME!  We also hope that the Discovery Channel doesn't cancel Shark Week this year, but with Bernadina's demotion, who knows

I wrote recently about his stellar August numbers.  I'm sure that he will eat up AAA pitching and force the Nats to recall him (if he doesn't get traded first).  Here's hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

Guess I missed my chance to get burritos for a year...

More to come.

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