Saturday, July 9, 2011

John Lannan's failed attempt to impress The Shark

The Nationals lost another tight one last night, and it is starting to seem like every game will be a one run game. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I was unable to watch/listen/follow the game, so I appreciate the occasional Shark related tweets! Tyler was at a wedding (the guy in the yellow eyed shark hood is now wed to the gal in the homemade Shark shirt...True Shark Love).

Newly Shark-Weds
 I was working until 11:30 so we didn't post yesterday... So sorry! I will have to do Shark vs. Rockies tonight, unless Tyler can make one today (I'm working now until 11:45pm). Especially after last night's loss, the Nats need some inspiration to pull out a victory over the largest mountain range in North America...

John Lannan was looking sharp last night, that is, until he tried to catch a ball with his face... Apparently, Lannan told Bernadina that, "I'm a shark too!" before the inning and tried to impress the Shark by catching a ball in his mouth. Since he doesn't have the powerful Shark jaw that Bernadina possesses, the ball ended up busting Lannan's nose, giving him a "nasal contusion." Fortunately for Lannan, he panicked just enough to block the ball with his glove, which then slammed into his face. This is fortunate because it, ever so slightly, padded the blow. Long story short, John Lannan is gonna look at lot more like Tom Gorzellany after this...

The Shark, meanwhile, led off the game with a double, and came around to score on Mako Morse's sacrifice fly. He ended the game 1 for 4 but made a great catch and threw out a at second base to keep the game close. The Shark nickname stemmed from his defensive prowess. Every game, he continues to show the world why he is the Shark! He's a fan favorite and should win a gold glove.

Flying Shark:
Yesterday, the MLB twitter account with it's 1.3 Millon followers, mentioned the Shark in a tweet yesterday. Tyler or I will include a screen shot of it when I am no longer blogging from my phone... 

It ended with a link to the diving catch Bernadina made on Thursday night. Flying Shark's are even more deadly!!

Express Shark:
As I waited for the Metro today, I saw in the Express an article by Derek Turner about Roger Bernadina. While it didn't mention the Shark nickname, they did talk about how much Nationals manager Davey Johnson likes the Shark. A direct quote from the article "Said Johnson: 'He deserves an opportunity to play everyday, and I am going to give it to him.". That is a damn good sign Shark Fans!

More to come.

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  1. Poor Lannan. He must've forgotten that he's a fawn, not a shark. Everyone knows that anyone with Bambi eyes like that is definitely a fawn. Oh, well. Now he's learned.