Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Shark had little opportunity to prove himself tonight as the Nationals fell 7-5 to the Florida Marlins.  Perhaps due to his recent slow spell at the plate, the Shark did not start against RHP Javier Vazquez.  Had he, the outcome might have been different.  As was the case, the Shark was left helpless in the dugout as the the Nats fell yet again to these red hot (fried and delicious) Marlins.

Do not fear, however, Shark FansShark Week starts on Sunday and Bernadina is going to drive the fact that he is the Shark into every Major League pitcher's mind.  In other words, he will systematically track them down, and feast on every pitch they throw.  If you need further proof, allow me to point out Bernadina's split stats, which show his August numbers last year (17 R!!!!, 4 HR, 10 RBI, 6 SBAugust is one of the Shark's favorite month's with with Shark week to kick him off, his season is going to end strongly.  TRUST ME.

Today is the day, folks!  Go to California Tortilla, buy a fish taco, and get a free Shark Fin Hat.  Then wear it to a Nationals game to really impress your friends.  A bunch of people who work at Imagination Stage are going to the Bethesda CalTort at 11am or 12:45pm.   WE WANT A FISH FIN HAT! The Shark plays at 12:35 so starting then, everyone needs (should need) to wear your newly acquired fin.  The power of the fin will bounce from Fin to Fin, ultimately striking Bernadina's fin and boosting his already massive talent to exponentially high levels.

Holy sh**k, this shirt looks pretty freaking Jawsome on the Shark....  I need one of these t-shirts, but I also need to eat food during the next 2 weeks...  Saving my pennies...

Bernadina is the Shark Man, get your Fin today and support him.

More to come.

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