Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The Nationals again won a 1 run game last night, beating the Chicago Cubs 3-2.  Very recent call-up, Ross Detwiler, pitched well and the bullpen shut down the Cubbies to seal the win.  While the Nats pounded out 10 hits, it was an error in the first inning that opened the door to the Nationals victory.   Scared sh**kless of playing against the Shark, Cubs 2B Jeff Baker threw wildly with the bases loaded, allowing the Shark and the Kangaroo to score.  He was then pulled from the game, after wetting his pants from looking into the Shark's eyes.  Jeff Baker was later asked by a psychiatrist to draw what was bothering him.  Somehow, I got a hold on the drawing...

The Shark hit the ball hard 4 times, but had only one hit to show for it.  He squared up and laced line drive after line drive, but the Cubs were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time (trust me, it was luck, and not good planning).  The Shark also made a sweet sliding catch in the top of the first. 

Shark on Baseball Tonight
Apparently, it was an awesome enough catch to make it on ESPN's Baseball Tonight and APPARENTLY, the host, Steve Berthiaume called him the Shark on it.  I need to see/hear/verify this so if you happened to record Baseball Tonight last night (July 5th), please send me a video clip if possible (phones can do so much these days!).

Speaking of ESPN:
"The Catch" is up for an ESPY, which is better than an OscarThe ESPY's are set up in a bracket, so VOTE SHARK, so he can make it through the first round and devour the competition all the way through the top.  Don't forget to also VOTE MAKO.  That way we can get Sharks to rule the baseball world once again (Cue Jurassic Park clip of "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" banner falling after T-Rex wrecking welcome center. Then edit it to say "Shark" in place of "Dinosaurs")

Free Shark Fin Hat:
If you eat at California Tortilla on Thursday, July 28th and order a fish taco, the company will give you a FREE Discovery Channel Shark Fin Hat!  Looking for something to wear to Nats games in August?  Thank you to everyone who pointed this out to us!  I know Tyler and I will be making the investment.  Support the Shark!  We will remind people as it gets closer!

Guest Sharkadina:
The Shark led Nats continue their series against the Cubbies tonight, and we are very pleased to welcome Annie Dell'Aria to the Sharkadina family!  Annie will be posting tonight after the game, which will likely be a great change of pace from the sh**k Tyler and I post!  Thanks Annie!  I am definitely looking forward to reading the post tonight!

More to come.


  1. i haven't eaten at california tortilla since i came down with the flu after eating there about 5 years ago (pure coincidence, but i couldn't bring myself to go back), but i will be there on july 28 for a fish taco, dammit!

    i will be back in the front row of sec 104 again on friday, rockin the new #2 shirt i picked up yesterday! i love that bernadina has this quickly growing fan club. he saw me holding up the shirt yesterday before the first, and he smiled and waved his glove. then he made a sweet sliding catch. pretty excellent!

  2. The Catch is out of contention for an ESPY. The Shark was robbed.