Wednesday, July 13, 2011


For the second straight year, a Washington Nationals pitcher was the pitcher of record for the All-Star GameTyler's second favorite player Tyler Clippard got the win this time, pitching to one batter. Considering he's a setup man, it is an impressive feat.

The day after the All-Star Game is probably the worst day of the year... No sports whatsoever, the Shark being far away, and this growing hunger from eating an insufficient breakfast combine to make a downright dreary day.  Here's hoping things will turn around and the rest of the day will recover!

Besides the countdown to Shark Week that is constantly ticking in my head, there isn't much news to report about, except....


After commenting on California Tortilla's Facebook page, we got a lovely CalTort message response:

You know something, CalTort, we like you too!  In fact, with all this taco talk, I think I will have to get lunch at the Bethesda location today! I'm wearing my Bernadina shirt, too, in an effort to turn around the All-Star blues.  Gotta represent the Shark!

Anyway, since that time, a lot of things have happened.

First, our close friend (as close as you can be after a phone interview) Dan Steinberg, then picked up the story and posted it on his blog: Roger Bernadina taco picture could be worth a year of burritos.

After that, some rules were established, in order to prevent the Shark from being harassed and stalked.

Then BOOM , NBC Washington picked up the story, with a link to our blog.  We got 120 hits in an hour... Crazy!

More of these are on the way, but here is my first attempt with MS Paint to promote Roger Bernadina's Shark Week(More of these to come)

The only thing in question is how willing the Shark will be about this whole fish taco business.  Based off our meetings, Bernadina is so nice,  I'm sure he won't mind.  I think the Shark's Agent comes into play here.  I'm not sure what the necessary hoops he will have to go through for this unofficial contest.  All I hope is that Sharkadina doesn't get a Cease and Desist Letter...

Finally, we are totally loving the Shark nickname usage and we hope that it becomes even more widespread.  Also, we cannot wait until the Shark returns to the baseball field in Atlanta on Friday.. Should be a feast...

More to come.

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