Saturday, July 16, 2011


The Washington Nationals had a tough time shaking the All-Star Break rust last night with the crushing 11-1 defeat handed to them by the Atlanta Braves.  The Nationals made 5 errors, including 3 in the first.  Remember when they went 12+ games without an error earlier this year?  Yeah... that was nice.  Despite managing to get 8 hits off of a dominant Braves pitching staff, one run was about 10 runs short of making this game interesting.  The Shark had a pretty good game, ending 1 for 5 with the only run of the game for the Nationals.  He now has a Shark Streak going of 7 games.

Also, when I say they had a hard time shaking off the rust, I mean that literally.  During the All-Star Break, Livan Hernandez retreated into his steel sarcophagus to wait out the game.  There is no explanation for why he did this.  What he wasn't expecting was the torrential downpours that soaked the casing and caused it to rust through.  When he emerged several days later (which required a lot of they called the Shark, the Jaws of Life himself), his skin was terrible discolored and he was literally rusty.  This was apparent, as he gave up 6 runs in only 4 innings of work (only 3 were earned though, thanks to the errors).

Google search for "Rust Man" came up with this...

In 1916, people were blaming The Great War for a slew of shark attacks off the New Jersey coast.  It was recently discovered that these people had actually just attempted to force a terrible nickname onto Bernadina... Watch out Bill Ladson!

The Shark is now being written about all over the world as you can see in this interview that we gave to the blog Deporte Awe!  This article is written in Papiamentu, the native language of Curacao, Roger Bernadina's homeland.
Papiamentu (or Papiamento) is a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, and it also has some Arawak Indian and African influences. Papiamentu is one of the few Creole Languages of the Caribbean that has survived to the present day.
I ran it through a translator, but it still wasn't 100% understandable: "the two fanátiko they here is terry and tyler and all game of nationals with they visit they're go dress at shark."

Actually that is pretty accurate.

More to come.

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