Saturday, June 4, 2011

Streaks end, Shark not deterred

3 streaks ended last night in the 2nd game of the Nationals 4 game series against the Diamondbacks.
  1. The Nationals lost 4-0 to the D'Backs because of a ridiculous pitching performance by Josh Collmenter.  The rookie went 7 innings and struck out 5 while allowing just 3 hits  (perhaps they were playing ACDC for a reason...see below).  The loss ended the short but fun-while-it-lasted 3 game win streak that the Nationals had going.  
  2. Mako Morse went 0 for 4 which ended his 11 game hit streak...
  3. The Shark also went 0 for 4 in the game, ending his 6 game hit streak.  Look for the Shark to start a new hit streak tonight.  He is just too good to be slowed by one 0for.
A few people have sent me links to this recent study which states that sharks enjoy listening to ACDC and are calmed by it! Sounds awesome right? Wrong! If this gets out (which it make have last night with the DBacks...), the league may have a way to sedate the Shark.  Naturally, the Shark will adapt and this ACDC maneuver and it won't last long.  In the meantime, I'm just glad that Trevor Hoffman is no longer in the league (Hell's Bells).  For my part, I will never listen to ACDC again.

The Nationals hope to once again take the lead in the series by beating the D'Backs tonight with Livan Hernandez facing off with Joe Saunders...  Joe Saunders... sounds like a tasty snack for the Shark, Mako, and the Great Werth.

The Shark is going to turn the Diamondbacks into far less intimidating Cubicziconiabacks.

More to come.

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