Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sharkadina in the Post

Dan Steinberg, a sports blogger for the Washington Post (DC Sports Bog), interviewed Tyler and I yesterday about the origin of the Shark nickname and it's growth.  The guy is pretty awesome.  He posted it on DC Sports Bog this morning.  If you follow the Shark in the slightest, you need to read this article (by clicking the below link, not the picture):

by Dan Steinberg

This Cheryl Nichols photo is the background of at least 3 computers...
Thank so much for the interview and the article, Dan!  It is definitely the most exciting thing to happen since hanging out with the Shark on June 14th.

Check page 2 of the Washington Post's July 1st, 2010 Sports Page!   We made the Print edition!

More to come.

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