Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sharkadina was at the Orioles-Nats game today, and boy was it a good one.  A big crowd turned out, the clouds and a breeze kept the heat from being unbearable (although at times, our shark hoods were a bit heavy on the heat), the Nationals won, and most importantly, the Shark played well.

The Nats fell behind early in this one as Adam "scared of sharks" Jones homered in the first inning off starter Jordan Zimmermann (even with that home run, he's an infinitely better pitcher than John Wall).  The losing score didn't last long as Ryan Zimmerman returned the favor, by launching one (and I mean crushing one) way way back in left field.  The game was tied for a few innings, until Mako Morse hit yet another home run (13th of the year), this one a 2 run blast, and Pudge tossed in an RBI double to seal the game.  The final score was 4-2 as Bernadina caught the final out.

The Shark started the game in center field, and batted in the nine slot against the left handed pitcher Brian Matusz.  The Orioles, clearly fearful of the Shark, hit only 2 balls in his direction all game (which he caught without trouble).  He ended the game 1 for 3 with a single.  He also stole his tenth base of the season, easily beating the throw by Weiters.  His batting average crept up to .268.  I hope you are paying attention, Bill Ladson...

The one problem with the game is that, being in Section 226, we do not think that Bernadina saw us during the game.  Despite my best efforts and our loudest yells (Tyler is bringing earplugs next game...), sound doesn't travel too well in the stratosphere.  On a positive note, everyone in our section heard us yelling and even the Orioles fans around us were getting on board with the Shark nickname.  Ideally, there will be some Shark cheers at tomorrow's game, despite our absence...

Coincidentally, my neighbor, Super Awesome Shark Fan Extraordinaire Lydia, was at the game, and even more coincidentally, she was in our section, and best of all,  she brought a home made Shark sign.  It was great to see her, and I'm sure the Bernadina appreciates the support!  Sharkadina definitely does!

Best Shark Fan/Sign Ever
Fortunately, we didn't alienate the people we were sitting by too much, because at the end of the game, the two girls behind us didn't even mind taking our picture!
Sharkadina sporting the classic sign cirque August 2010
It was a fun game to be at.  The Nationals have now won (palindrome) eight in a row and the Shark's now has a 5-game hit streak.  I'm looking forward to listening to tomorrow's game, especially with the O's starting a right handed pitcher (with a loooong last name...).  Expect the Shark and the Nats to continue feasting as the Nats go for 9.  SHARK VS. ORIOLES: VOLUME 2

More to come.

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  1. Yesterday at the game the Shark stole second base. I think that was a really Sharky thing to do.

    From Lydia (who was at her first MLB game ever yesterday)