Monday, June 20, 2011


Tomorrow, the Washington Nationals kick off a three game series against the Seattle Mariners (there will be a huge group of Shark fans at the game on Wednesday!).  The Shark has never faced the Mariners in his career, but Mariners are sea-faring men and should know what to do when pitted against a Shark. Despite that fact that Mariners, they don't stand a chance...

Also, to all you Fantasy Baseball players, I have recently made some moves to create the perfect team, which I promptly renamed "The Shark Tank"

If the Shark is available in your league, don't miss out on the opportunity to pick him up like Tyler did (he's clinging dearly to his Desmond/Clippard combo)The guys at ESPN agree! (click play on the 6/20 podcast and skip ahead to about the 7:40 mark.  Thanks to @VijfdeHonk for pointing this out!)

More to come.

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