Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last night's game had everyone asking "Who are these Nationals?" Well, they are the new 'Ten-to-zero-Shark-induced-Zimmerman's-back-Mako-Morse-is-crushing-it' Nationals.  Watching the game last night, I was giddy.  I mean, I was giddy two nights ago when the Nats game back to win it, but this was the giddiness of a runaway victory.  Livo was great, throwing a 3 hit shut-out for his 100th career win and 50th at home.  Shark, Mako, and Pudge each had 3 hits and combined for half of the RBI's.  Morse hit two homers and his second was displayed the raw power of the Mako Shark.

After last nights game, I had a premonition of tonight's game.  Coincidentally, the premonition then appeared on my computer screen.  Shark Miracle!
Skip Schumaker makes a decent toothpick
Breaking News:
Mr. Bill Ladson, the mother of the "Speed Racer" debacle of a nickname has decided to make a deal. May you all bear witness to his agreement, so when it comes time, we have it in writing...

Soon, we won't have to deal with any of this business anymore....
In the past two games, the Shark has gone 5 for 8, raising his batting average from .246 to .269.  I also want to point out that his .331 OBP is 4th best on the team, and is on a steady climb north.  Expect the Shark to keep up this hot streak, so we can end this "Speed Racer" bull sh**k once and for all.

More to come.

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