Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shark Robs Donkey, Game Goes on FOREVER

This is the game that would not end.  It lasted almost 5 hours and the Nats blew leads in the 9th, 10th and 12th. They went through everyone in their bullpen. They finally won in the 14th inning thanks to a rally sparked by an infield single by the newly nicknamed Brian "Speed Racer" Bixler.  The Shark went 4-8 with 2 runs, and RBI, and a stole base.  But that wasn't the most impressive thing he did...

As we predicted earlier today the Shark destroyed Adam "Big Donkey" Dunn by personally robbing him of a home run and keeping the game at 0-0.   Some people have been questioning the origin and motives behind "The Shark" nickname.  I hope this catch helps put those questions to rest.  Bernadina moved through centerfield as sleekly as a great white shark moves towards his prey.  He majestically leaped over the fence like a powerful Great White emerging from the deep blue into the open air and caught the ball as easily as a Shark swallows a minnow into his gaping jaw.  Excuse the flowerly language, but that catch was just that sweet.  Just another day for Bernadina as The Shark.

The similarities are eerie
Shark got off to a rough start offensively, but finally got going in the 8th inning.  He got on base with a bunt, promptly stole second, and moved over to third on the Loch Nix Monster's ground out.  Then Mako Morse stepped up to the plate and engaged Beast Mode.  He hit a blast to CF to put the Nats up 2-0.

Things got crazy in the bottom of the eigth,  Mako Morse stretched for a ball then tagged the runner who was called out.  The home plate umpire then REVERSED THE CALL.  Interm Manager John McLaren did not like that and argued it LIKE A BOSS.  He got thrown out, but that wasn't enough, JERRY Hairston got fired up and was ejected too.

I wrote that in the 9th inning when I thought the game was almost over...boy was I wrong.   I'm not going to recap all of the back and forth drama of the 9th-14th innings, but needless to say, it was an exciting game and Shark had some great hits. Brian Bixler really was player of the game and cemented his nickname as "Speed Racer" (be sure to tweet it to Bill Ladson).

Here are a few things that have been made clear tonight:
  • The Shark is the most accurate nickame for Roger Bernadina
  • Brian Bixler's new nickname is Speed Racer
  • No one cares about Jim Riggleman anymore
  • Even though McLaren did awesome, Davey Johnson will be named Manager very soon
  • Mako Morse/Loch Nix Monster combo is powerful
  • I stayed up waaaaaaaaay too late
More to come.

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