Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I predicted yesrday that the Shark was going to bite the Mariners this series.  What I didn't predict was that the Buffalo (previously know as the Rhino, also known as Wilson Ramos) would come along and trample the remaining life out of them.   With the help of the Ramos, the Nationals came from behind (down 5-0 at one point), to beat the M's 6-5.  The Buffalo had a no doubt, walk off, 3-run home run in the bottom of the ninth to seal the game.  The Nationals had accumulated only 3 hits prior to the ninth, as Mariners pitcher Doug Fister appeared to have the Nationals number.  The Shark Tank (Mako, Shark, and Great Werth) fed on Mariners by each reaching base in the ever important ninth inning.

The Shark had a good game, going 1-3 with and RBI and an awesome sliding catch (highly sharkadelic).  He also contributed an important walk, which helped set up the dramatics in the 9th.  Prior to his single, the Nats had done nothing against Fister (no nickname needed).  He extended his hit streak to 7 games and raised his batting average slightly, up to .282Bernadina is on fire and he's showing no signs of slowing.  He's feeding off the power that "the Shark" nickname provides and he is rapidly becoming a Nationals Fan Favorite (he already these fans' favorite).

Bernadina further emphasized the fact that he is serious about winning, by recently posting:
I hope you are taking note Bill Ladson
I would also just like to point out that the nickname is spreading outside just the greater Washington DC metropolitan area... Uber Shark Fan Nate is all the way from Michigan and is a huge opponent of the Nats attempting to trade for a non-Shark CF.  He also thinks the Shark is very useful while drying off after a bath.

Other News:
The people at CenterfieldGate wrote a good article about the underappreciated Bernadina.  The consensus is: the Shark is awesome and should get more credit.

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome night for baseball.  There will be 10 shark-clad Sharkadinas in the right field corner (Tyler knows the exact section) rooting for the Shark to the point of hysteria.  (At least I will.  I can't speak for the rest of them...but I hope they honor the shark admirably...) I am hoping that the usually-small-Wednesday-night-game-turnout, coupled with the Swarm of 10 Shark fans, our relatively close seats, and a new sign (or several), will get us on MASN.  I intend to be loud enough that even if they don't talk about us on MASN, you'll be able to tell that the Shark has a huge fan base.  If you are there tomorrow, find us, say, "hi" and as always, cheer like hell for the Shark.

More to come.


  1. hey i was the guy that sat next to you when the nats played the cards. It was the game where the shark came in for ankiel and had a great game. Have you created a facebook page for the shark? I searched "sharkadina" and nothing came up. Thanks and I hope this catches on!

  2. Hey Dude!

    Glad you found the blog! Sharkadina is on Facebook:

    Did you see the Shark Night Recap post (June 15th)? You had a shout out in it.

    Maybe we'll run into eachother at another game.

    Shark Power!