Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Normally, on the eve of a series, Sharkadina posts a picture of the Shark in action against the team (in this case, the Cardinals).  That may still come, but it won't come today (good thing it is a 3 game series).  That is because tonight is a very special night.   

With the Nationals back in DC, Terry back from Michigan, and hopefully the Shark fully recovered from the sore hamstring, tonight is SHARK NIGHT!

It is supposed to be a beautiful night at the ballpark, and with the assistance of the lure of $2 tickets, we should should have a strong turnout.  Fans from all across the country are swarming to Nationals Park to support the Shark (at least a handful of people from the greater DC metropolitan area).  Sure, it helps that Zimmerman might be back in the lineup, but the Shark is the number one thing on everyone's mind.

As far as I know, there are still tickets available.  If you are able to come, get your tickets ASAP.  Then, pack your Shark hoods, hats, shirts, ties, sombreros, bikinis, Northface fleece parkas, and cheer on the Shark.

There are ideas for Shark apparel here or you can print this mask off, color it it, glue it to a popsicle stick, and wear it when the Shark is batting.  Make sure you cheer loud enough to be heard, and if anyone asks about the nickname, you can tell them, "Roger Bernadina hunts down fly balls like a shark going after it's prey" and refer them to Sharkadina.

For anyone interested, Tyler and Terry will have a limited number "SHARK ATTACK" signs we made (not on work time or with work resources), which we would love for you to sport.  If you are on twitter, look for a tweet up (which I just learn was Twitter talk for meet up), and if we have some left, take them.  I want to hear the stadium erupt when the Shark is batting or makes a sweet catch. 


More to come.

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