Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shark Mode

In the final game of the annual event of interleague, the Shark and the Nationals fell 1-0 to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, United States of America, Earth.   Jordan Zimmermann pitched phenomenally, allowing just one unearned run in the complete game effort.  Following a game in which the Nationals made 5 errors, the one Ryan Zimmerman had today, proved deadly as Danny Haren blanked the Nationals, including, and most shockingly, the Shark.

The Shark again started in center and batted leadoff.  His 0-4 line doesn't represent his at-bats though.  In the top of the 6th, with Nats already down by one, Bernadina launched a ball deep into center field, which Peter Bourjos caught as he rammed into the wall.  In his youth, Bourjos, who grew up in Park Ridge, IL went shark hunting with his grandfather in those highly dangerous, shark-infested, inland lakes of Illinois. Even so, Peter needed a LOT of luck to rob the Shark of at least an inside-the-park home run.

As per usual, the Shark returned the favor later in the game, showing off his arm and his glove, while unleashing Shark Mode (see below).  In the bottom half of the 6th, former Phillies star Bobby Abreu, hit a single into left center.  The Shark hunted it down, planted, spun, and unleashed a terrifying throw into second base.  Shark CannonAbreu was out by a foot.  Lesson learned: Never run on a Shark.  An inning later, Mike Trumbo (one of the best names in baseball, with Antonio Bastardo) foolishly tested the Shark, with a deep fly ball to center.  As per usual, the Shark made it look easy.

Shark Mode:
A long time ago, we brought up the term "Bernadefense" which described the incredible plays  With the introduction of Beast Mode T-shirts from 22fresh, the term has since evolved into Shark Mode. Shark Mode is to defense what Beast Mode is to offense.  Anyone who makes an incredible defensive play is harnessing Shark Mode.  Naturally, the term stems from the Shark himself, as he is one of the finest examples of defensive superstardom as you'll find in the game of baseball @22fresh has repeatedly ignored my requests for a Shark Mode T-shirt, although I believe there would be some purchases made when the shirt is made (Tyler and I would each buy 15).   If you follow @22fresh, do your best to convince him that Shark Mode tees would be worthwhile.  Perhaps we will have to jump on the @Section138 bandwagon, and start creating Sharkadina, Shark Mode, and other shark themed apparel, ourselves.

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 More to come.

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  1. Try Cafe Press too. Let Teddy Win uses them for selling shirts.