Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loch Nix Monster Sacrifice

First off, the Nats are on fire and burning at such a temperature that nothing seems to be able to cool them off.  Pitching was again the talk of the game, with the game tied at 0 until the bottom of the ninth.  That's when the Loch Nix Monster stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded and roped a ball to left.   His sacrifice (fly) ended the game, and made the prediction of Shark vs Mariners jump from fantasy to reality.  Final score: 1-0The Shark, too had a good game, considering the domination by the Seattle pitcher, Pineda.  He doubled in the 4th and ended the game 1 for 4.  A new Shark Streak begins!

Second, Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman unexpectedly resigned after today's win against SeattleThe Nats have won 11 out of 12, brought their record up to 38-37 and it is largely agreed that they are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now.  Why would he resign?  Well, he wanted his contract picked up for next year, and GM Mike Rizzo wasn't ready to commit to that.  So he left.  I also understand that their is a lot pressure managing a Shark and it can be a little to much for some...  It's been an emotional roller coaster today and we will have more Sharkadina analysis probably soon, but we have other, far less important things to get to...

As promised, here are some more pictures from last night's game.  Going to a game en masse is the way to go.... specially when it is dollar dog night.  We shall have to organize more soon. ALL ARE INVITED!

Note: If you are not a fan of blogs with stacks of photos, feel free to scroll through these...

At last night's game, we debuted some new apparel.  Jumpin' Zac Flash (remember him?) constructed these little ditties, which can turn any ordinary hat(or head) into a Shark Fin.
Three fierce sharks and one adorable one
Those shiny paper fins are 100 times cooler (temperature-wise) than the fabric ones
Picture courtesy of @D_Eklund
New Shark fans really getting into the game!
A close up on one of the homemade shirts...can't even tell Terry messed it up
While we were some of the loudest fans in our section last night, even we were impressed with this young fanatic:


This is Jimmy Kloke of  Jimmy Kloke Fan Club and he spent over half of the game tirelessly working to start the Wave down the first base sideline.  His dedication inspired our whole section to start chanting his name and no one in the stadium was happier when the Wave finally caught on and circumnavigated the stadium a few times in the eighth inning.  You, Jimmy Koke, have earned the prestigious Shark of Approval.  Keep it up, my fellow super fan!  We Shark fans love riding waves!

More to come.


  1. Why is Bernadina a shark again? I think his game is more like that of a Leopard.

  2. He hunts down fly balls in the outfield like a shark going after it's prey.

    Bernadina likes the Shark nickname.

    Leopard is cool too.

    Split the difference and go with Leopard Shark?

  3. I'm not afraid of sharks, but fasinated in them for a slight reason.