Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Shark Backs Jordan "the _______" Zimmermann

The Nats are back to winning ways!  The Nationals rebounded from yesterday's ugly 13 inning loss to beat the Giants 2-1 last night.  This time when I went to sleep, the score was 2-1 and with left field protected by the Shark, the score stayed that way.  The Shark led off and started in LF for the second time this season  (I am still a huge proponent of the One Shark Outfield, with Bernadina alone out there, while adding an extra two infielders...)Jordan Zimmermann, who definitely needs a powerful animal nickname, continued to pitch all-star quality baseball.  He went 7 innings and gave up only 5 hits....  Shark, Mako, and JZ should represent the Nats in the All Star Game!

Speaking of the Shark, he pushed his new Shark Streak to 3 games, by singling in 4 at-bats.  He also stole his eighth bag this season and still hasn't been caught once.  He was hit by a pitch in the 3rd inning, which is one of the most dangerous things to do.  Jonathon Sanchez, who was pitching for the Giants, was put in protective custody for the rest of the game, and was pulled before he faced the Shark again.  A stern warning was given to the Giants bench from the umpire, in the hopes of saving a life or two.  The hit by pitch did help raise his OBP to .315 which is good for 6th best on the team.  Keep in mind that it continues to rise...

Yesterday, I posted a sweet picture of Roger Bernadina... Unfortunately, it came out that the picture I posted yesterday was doctored!  I didn't even know you could adjust/manipulate pictures!  Anyway, Shark fan, Maiko Herajin (A true Mako) posted the original, unedited photo... This one is real folks.

This one really does look more accurate...

More to come.

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