Saturday, June 18, 2011


For the second straight game, the Shark homered!  For the seventh straight game, the Nationals won, and for the nth straight game, the Shark is my favorite player. With the Shark on fire, Mako Morse and the whole Nationals Zoo booming, these Nationals are the team to watch.  A fun team to watch at that!  Despite giving up 18 hits (yes, really 18), the Nationals beat the Orioles 8-4.  While the Orioles had three players with 4 or more hits, the Nats had a more balanced attack.  Seven of the Nats starters had hits and the pitcher Marquis reached on an error.  Mako Morse, the one position player without a hit, contributed 2 walks, with one being intentional.  The Shark finished the game 1 for 4, but contributed a home run and 2 RBIs.  He now has 5 RBIs in his last 4 games!
Shark Fans tracytran and darkmeathook have already been on MASN, are we next?
Radio Shark
Since I don't have a TV, I was listening to the Nats game last night, and in the bottom of the 2nd inning, with Bernadina on deck, Washington Nationals radio broadcaster Charlie Slowes, brought up the Shark nickname. I jumped with excitement and giddily listened on. This is the first time that Tyler or I have heard them bring up the nickname on either TV or Radio.  Here is a transcription of what Charlie said about the Shark:

"Roger Bernadina is on deck.  The fans have nicknamed him the Shark.  Don't know why.  Not sure if I even like it."

Immediately after that,  Jason Marquis grounded out and the inning was over.  Slowes brought up the nickname again in the top of the 3rd.  Apparently, someone tweeted to him an explanation of the shark nickname because Slowes continued,

"Apparently, Bernadina is called the shark because when he dives for a ball, he is parallel to the ground kind of like a shark in water."

The explanation is pretty close to the original, "due to the way he hunts down fly balls like a shark going after it's prey" but it got the point across at the very least.  After Charlie heard the definition, he seemed a bit more on board with the Shark nickname.  This was further reiterated when the Nationals pulled within one run of the Orioles and had 2 on with nobody out.  Fresh off the excitement of an error which scored a run, Slowes giddily exclaimed,


The Shark promptly drove in a run to tie the game.

Apparently, according to Miss_Placed_ on Twitter, the radio announcers brought up "Shark" twice more in the post game. "They were totally comfortable with it & they liked saying 'The Shark!'  We'll hear it in today's broadcast."

Tyler and I will be Nats game today, so if you are there, or watching, keep an eye out for us (Jumbotron love?) We'll be in Section 226.  Now that we've gotten the radio announcers on board, our next step is MASN.  Not sure how much say @MASNBen has, but if we can get Bob Carpenter and FP Santangelo on board, we can hopefully get all the Nationals fan base on board, and then all of MLB's fan base...and then the world's.

We dream big here at Sharkadina.

More to come.

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