Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It was a quiet night for the Shark last night as the Nationals fell to the Angels 3-4.  The game was at 10:05pm and considering Tyler and I had to wake up ay 6:15am, meant we only watched the Shark's first 2 ABs (which were sadly uneventful). Despite home runs by Mako Morse, Ryan Zimmerman, and the Kangaroo, Danny Espinosa, the bullpen couldn't hold on as Sean Burnett allowed a bases loaded single in the 11th to lose the game in walk off fashion.  Unfortunately, the Shark ended the game 0-4.  After the game, Bernadina growled something about revenge being inevitable tonight.

Shark Sighting:
Eno Sarris, who writes for FanGraphs, a fantasy baseball news website referred to Roger Bernadina by his nickname in a recent post on him.  To us, there are very few things more exciting than hearing/reading other people using the Shark nickname.  I have said it before, and I will say it again; if you play fantasy baseball and the Shark is available, pick him up, ASAPSarris agrees.

In Other News:
Husband and wife photographer team Chris and Monique Fallows have captured some stunning pictures of Roger Bernadina making his usual incredible catches.  The article is entitled Flying Sharks.  They failed to include the one below, but it is a pretty cool slideshow, nonetheless. Thank you to @JackoBeam for bringing this to my attention.

The Shark shagging fly balls in his natural habitat
The Nationals continue their siege on heaven when they play game two tonight against the Angels.  The Shark again bats in the leadoff spot tonight and aims to bounce back after last nights 0fer.  Two games is still plenty of time for the Shark to annihilate the Angels...

More to come.

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