Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Bernadina Birthday Bash!
Before I write anything else, I just want to say that tickets to the June 14th Nationals/Cardinals game are now only $2!  You have no excuse not to come!  It is going to be a great game.  Come watch the Shark feast on Cardinal pitching!  For only $2 dollars and 5 minutes spent on a "Go Shark" sign, you will have the best night of your life.  Sad but true. Here at Sharkadina, we are really hoping to pack as many Shark fans into Nationals Park as we can.  Let's turn Nats Park into Shark infested waters!

Pitching, pitching, pitching.  The Nationals bullpen has continued it's downward spiral setting up a 5-4 loss to the reigning world champion Giants.  This is especially upsetting because, for the first six and a half innings, the Nationals were touting a 4-0 lead.  In fact, they were sporting that lead when I went to bed last night, while visions of sharky plums danced round my head  Unfortunately (fortunately), I had to wake up eventually.  Todd Coffey, Sean Burnett, and Henry Rodriguez contributed by giving up 3 runs to allow the game to be tied.  After a few scoreless innings, Craig "the gopher" Stammen gave up a walk off hit to Freddy Sanchez in the 13th.

Sigh, let's see... Mako Morse had another home run and is kicking ass at first base. Raise your hand if you don't miss Adam LaRoche (raises hand).  Sharkingly, Matt Stairs had a pinch hit.  It was a single, however, and it didn't lead to a run.  He is paid to hit home runs.  He's currently a quarter of the way there...

The Shark had a strong game, going 1 for 4 with a run.  While his batting average didn't go up, he added 2 walks (doing exactly what a leadoff hitter should do...) which boosted his on base percentage up to .311.  He's already working on a new Shark Streak (2 games) and the Giants strong pitching, does not intimidate the Shark.  To him, the Giants look like pipsqueaks.

Other Stuff:
@JWerthsBeard, yes literally Jayson Werth's beard, alerted me that Bernadina was recently spotted off the coast of New Jersey. Apparently, while the rest of the team flew from Arizona to SF, Bernadina decided to do a lap around North and South America.

Bernadina is sick of paparazzi...

If you are interested in some cool Nats photos with some edits, including some Shark ones, you should check out the CurlyDubs Fan Site.  Funny pictures and Shark love, what more could you ask for?

I leave you with this sweet shot of Bernadina at bat from the Yahoo Sports Roger Bernadina page.

Looks more like a Shark than a Speed Racer to me
More to come.

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  1. Saw the picture above. It's a cool picture, but I thought there was something wrong with it. So I fixed it: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2184075/Shark%20Shadows.png