Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nationals win again, sharks around world rally behind Bernadina

Terry and Tyler were both gone this weekend.  Terry was in Michigan and Tyler was in _____.  (I honestly have no idea.)  Because of this, we were unable to post yesterday, thus ending our own Shark Streak of 14 days with a post.  Coincidentally, it was also only their second loss in that same span (for which, we do regrettably take responsibility for). Therefore, we would like to issue an apology to that one awesome Roger Bernadina fan who checks everyday and was amazingly disappointed last night.  Another apology goes to the rest of you all who occasionally check the Shark's Official Fanpage.  We are sorry.

That said, we now begin a new streak with tonights post.

The Nationals recovered from the 0-3 shutout that defined last night, by beating the Chicago White Sox 2-1 in the rubber match game tonight.  Tonight's win, coupled with the Atlanta Braves loss, pushed the Shark led Nationals to a 40-38 record and only 3.5 games back in the NL Wild Card race.  Livan Hernadez sharked up before the game and pitched amazingly, with 9 Ks in 6 and 2/3 inningsDanny "the Kangaroo" Espinosa hit another home run, a two run shot, scoring Mako Morse which accounted for all the runs for the Nats.  The bullpen, with the Bull himself, Drew Storen shut down the Sox to end the game and back Livan's gem.

The Shark led off and started in CF.  After pounding White Sox pitchers for the past 2 days, the Shark laid low this game going 0-3 with a hit by pitch.  Unfortunately, no one in the first 5 spots of the order got a hit and the Shark (via HBP) and Mako (with a walk), were the only two in that selection to reach base at all.  After the game, Espinosa admitted that the Humber HBP of Bernadina inspired him to hit his HR.  Said Espinosa (who batted sixth), "Mess with the Shark, and you will pay."

The Shark also did a backwards somersault in the game just to prove how super athletic he is!  Granted, it was on a ball that was somehow (and just BARELY) out of the reach of the Shark (Shocking, I know). My guess is that they sprayed Shark Repellent Bat Spray on all the balls before the game.  The near-catch did provide this great shot of the Shark, which looks remarkably similar to the Section 138 (and only known) Sharkadina shirt.

If you recall, two days ago, Roger Bernadina made an amazing Home Run Robbing Shark Catch (against former Nats star Adam Dunn, no less).  To those of you who don't remember or, haven't seen it yet, please check it out, now.  Tell me that isn't jawsome....  keep in mind, that is an 8 foot wall(!!!) and he reached a good 2 feet over it (!!!) to steal that home run...

Anyway, since that game, Shark's around the world have been celebrating (we already know of his deep personal connection with marine life)!  With the current threats of finning and hunting of Shark's, they were in desperate need of some good news.  Bernadina has become their rallying hero. Usually these celebrations are out in the middle of the ocean where no one sees.  Luckily, one such Shark Celebration was caught on camera.  It jumped over a surfer in jubilee!

The Nationals fly cross country (in the Shark's case, swim) to face the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, for a three game set, starting tomorrow night.  If you remember, the Angels have a Trout in their farm systemRoger "the Shark" Bernadina had one word to say about facing the Angels and Mike Trout, "Delicious."

More to come.


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