Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Shark!

So I had a post all written up recapping last night's game that the Nats won 2-1 and talking about how Bernadina was scratched from the lineup due to a tight hamstring that's been bothering him for a little bit.  I wrote about how he was probably going to sit out tonight and also use tomorrow's off day to rest so he can play on Tuesday (Desmond is also sitting out, and Ryan Zimmerman may be back on Tuesday as well).  I wrote that Brian Bixler did well subbing in for the Shark last night going 2-2 with a walk, and our bullpen really came through again after Espinosa and Ramos hit RBI's in the 1st.  Honestly, it was a pretty good post.  But then I remembered...


So none of that stuff really matters, it is much more important to show you all of these Shark themed birthday cakes I found online:

This first one is a little graphic, but really captures the essence of The Shark.  From Kimbos Cakes

This next one is just plain lame. No true Shark fan would accept this.  It is clearly made out of a football shaped cake pan. The Shark plays baseball, you fool!

This one shows the softer side of Sharks, he's not scary, but happy.  And maybe a happy Shark cake is exactly what you want on your birthday.

Cupcakes are all the rage these days, especially in DC. What we need is another cupcake shop that sells exclusively Shark-themed cupcakes. I would literally go there everyday. This one is made by The Mundys (I think they are a family, not a shark-themed cupcake factory):
Finally, I found this one with my name on it. (Sorry Terry). I encourage everyone to copy this cake, but instead of the Shark taking a bite out of the number 7, make it a player or mascot of another team, preferablly the Phillies. From Cake Central
More to come.

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  1. Tonight, the Shark is gonna have his cake and eat it, too!!
    Happy Birthday!