Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A fool and his nickname are soon parted

The Nats couldn't put it together against Matt Cain tonight.  To use a Bible metaphor, Cain was Cain and the Nationals were Abel.  In the end, the Nationals lost 3-1.... The game was tied 1-1 in the top of the 7th, but then Sean Burnett was given the ball.  You can guess what happened next...

The Shark went 0 for 3, but continued to display his ability to get on base with a walk.  He also stole another base, putting him at 9 on the season.  Mako Morse, amazed by Bernadina's speed, begged the Shark for information on stealing bases.  A couple of innings later, Mako proved he learned something by swiping second base.  He later came around to score the Nationals only run, when RicK AnKiel managed to not strike out.

The game was quick and painful, but more painful still is the fact that Bill Ladson WILL NOT GIVE UP ON THIS "SPEED RACER" THING.  I am 100% sure he is doing it to get a rise out of us because let's be honest, Speed Racer is a cliche and weak nickname.  However, perhaps unbeknownst to Ladson, he is burning his bridges and will soon be trapped on a Shark surrounded island.  I have yet to see anyone think "Speed Racer" is a good nickname.  Here are some of my favorite recent tweets on the matter:
Another brilliant late night Ladson tweet *glug glug*
Here's hoping the Shark hosts it this year
Moments after tonight's Shark Steal
Right on cue...
Don't know who this guy is... but his opinion is correct!
Ace knows what is going on!
Mr. Ladson, "the Shark" is Bernadina's nickname.  With all due respect, cut all ties to Speed Racer so we can pretend this never happened.  SHARK, SHARK, SHARK, SHARK!

To all of you who think Michael Morse shouldn't be called Mako Morse, please explain why he's clearly hydrating his gills and dentacles in this picture:

 More to come.


  1. The Shark is pure perfection as a way to characterize Mr. Bernadina.

  2. This stuff by Ladson is truly pathetic at this point. He knows that "Speed Racer" is loathed. That doesn't stop him. Between some of his more questionable choices for #badasstune and this "Speed Racer" stuff, I don't know how we can help the man.

  3. It's simply nickname envy. Long live The Shark!