Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Even Kids Love The Shark

It was another disappointing game for The Shark and The Nats last night.  They lost 11-5 and are still hunting for their first win under new skipper Davey Johnson.  The Shark went 0-5, but did reach on an error in the sixth, which brought in two runs to briefly put the Nats on top.  They play their final game against the California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels tonight.  The Shark leads off again in a Werth/Desmond/Ramos/Nix-less line up.  Brian "Speed Racer" Bixler bats 2nd and Matt Stairs bats clean up (hey, maybe he will surprise us...).

Federal Baseball has a great article about Bernadina over on their site about his recent interview on the Sirius/XM radio show "Inside Pitch."  Here is some of what he had to say:

Bernadina, who stole 16 bases in 18 attempts over 134 games in 2010, has already stolen 11 bases through 46 games this year, and he's only been caught once so far. "Are you going to run more now," the former Nats' GM asked Bernadina today, "having the confidence to know they can't throw you out?" "Whenever I get on base I want to run more," Bernadina said. "I definitely feel confident whenever I get on base I can go, and until whenever they tell me to, til whenever I get the hold sign, but otherwise, I'm going." 
Have you ever tried to give a Shark the hold sign?  Usually they just bite your hand off.

In other news, The Shark craze is starting to gain momentum in the younger generation of Nats Fans.  Loyal Shark Fan Brian recently reported being approached by two kids at the Gallery Place Metro station who started screaming "We Love Sharkadina!" at him.  They were about six or seven, but even babies are getting into the Shark Spirit:

It's OK baby sharks, Bernadina will get a hit tonight
If you have a baby, you should definitely buy one of these robes.  You can even personalize them!  I now know what gift I am bringing to all friends, relatives, and stranger's baby showers.  If I was only 24 years younger, I would get one that said "Sharkadina" and wear it every single day.  They look so comfy!

More to come.

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