Friday, June 3, 2011


The Nationals are hot (about as hot as a Basking Shark in circumnavigating the earth staying as close to the equator as possible)! After taking two from the Phillies, the Nats left the friendly confines (Chicago?) of DC and headed to the desert to face the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Backed by a stellar performance by the usually run unsupported Jordan Zimmerman, the Nationals beat the Dbacks 6-1.

During the game, it looked like the hot desert air had dried out the Shark, and the continuation of the Shark Streak was on the line as Bernadina started the game 0-4 with 3 Ks (sharks thrive closer to water after all).  But then in the 9th, with the Nationals up 4 -1 and Baby Bear Bixler on first, the Shark smoked a line drive up the right-center field corridor.  By the time the ball was back in, Bixler had scored easily and the Shark was on third, waiting for the next play.  It was the Shark's first triple of the season  (first of many more to come).  The Shark Streak continues... (6 games)

Mako Morse also extended his hitting streak (11 games), with a 4-5 performance, including a single to drive in the Shark in the ninth.  He's been one of the hottest hitters in the league recently (the 3rd best fantasy player over the past 14 days according to Yahoo Sports) and the combination of the Shark leading off, and Morse in the cleanup slot has been working well.  Toss in The Great Werth batting 3rd and three sharks in the first 4 spots in the lineup is a dangerous weapon for the Nats to have.

First: A Sharkadina thank you goes out to @emc7x for coming up with a good Shark Tank nickname for Laynce Nix.  The name comes from another type of legendary, ferocious, mythical creature.  From here on out, Laynce Nix is known as the Loch Nix Monster.

Second: there has been some recent controversy in the nickname of Roger Bernadina.  One well known reporter by the name of Bill Ladson recently tweeted (4:30 AM, 'glug, glug'), "Instead of calling Roger Bernadina "The Shark," let's call him "Speed Racer." The Shark doesn't cut it for me." Excuse me!? Nicknaming Roger Bernadina was a long and tedious process (which we will cover more soon if @tyindc (please pester him to hurry up) ever gets back with his edits).  I'm sorry @washingnats, but you can't just go and change things like that.  No doubt that Bernadina is arguably the fastest player on the team, and possibly the league, but Sharks are fast too (some can swim up to 45 mph) and the "Shark" nickname is far more dynamic that Speed Racer. Plus, "Shark" sounds cooler and is has more pun potential (puntential).  To those of you who follow Sharkadina and have a twitter account, please be sure to message Ladson (@washingnats) until he accepts the Shark nickname for good.  Just like we got @masnBen to repent.

Based on what happened in yesterday's game, an artist created the below depiction of Roger Bernadina playing against the Diamondbacks.  Now tell me Bill Ladson, that Bernadina isn't a Shark...

Thanks for the assist, friendly jellyfish!

More to come

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  1. whenever anyone references the dbacks on TV, I always mistake it for them saying D-bags.