Thursday, June 30, 2011


The Shark has already faced the Pirates this season.  After learning the hard way never to run on the Shark, the Pirates, scared sh**kless, performed a ritualistic rain dance forcing the final game to be called.  They totally abandoned ship (and normal MLB ethics) to avoid facing the Shark.  All the dancing in the world won't change the outcome of this series.  Bernadina is still hungry for Pirates, and the Shark is going to feed.

The Pirates are entering the Shark Tank, where VERY few survive.

More to come.

Sharkadina in the Post

Dan Steinberg, a sports blogger for the Washington Post (DC Sports Bog), interviewed Tyler and I yesterday about the origin of the Shark nickname and it's growth.  The guy is pretty awesome.  He posted it on DC Sports Bog this morning.  If you follow the Shark in the slightest, you need to read this article (by clicking the below link, not the picture):

by Dan Steinberg

This Cheryl Nichols photo is the background of at least 3 computers...
Thank so much for the interview and the article, Dan!  It is definitely the most exciting thing to happen since hanging out with the Shark on June 14th.

Check page 2 of the Washington Post's July 1st, 2010 Sports Page!   We made the Print edition!

More to come.

Shark Mode

In the final game of the annual event of interleague, the Shark and the Nationals fell 1-0 to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, United States of America, Earth.   Jordan Zimmermann pitched phenomenally, allowing just one unearned run in the complete game effort.  Following a game in which the Nationals made 5 errors, the one Ryan Zimmerman had today, proved deadly as Danny Haren blanked the Nationals, including, and most shockingly, the Shark.

The Shark again started in center and batted leadoff.  His 0-4 line doesn't represent his at-bats though.  In the top of the 6th, with Nats already down by one, Bernadina launched a ball deep into center field, which Peter Bourjos caught as he rammed into the wall.  In his youth, Bourjos, who grew up in Park Ridge, IL went shark hunting with his grandfather in those highly dangerous, shark-infested, inland lakes of Illinois. Even so, Peter needed a LOT of luck to rob the Shark of at least an inside-the-park home run.

As per usual, the Shark returned the favor later in the game, showing off his arm and his glove, while unleashing Shark Mode (see below).  In the bottom half of the 6th, former Phillies star Bobby Abreu, hit a single into left center.  The Shark hunted it down, planted, spun, and unleashed a terrifying throw into second base.  Shark CannonAbreu was out by a foot.  Lesson learned: Never run on a Shark.  An inning later, Mike Trumbo (one of the best names in baseball, with Antonio Bastardo) foolishly tested the Shark, with a deep fly ball to center.  As per usual, the Shark made it look easy.

Shark Mode:
A long time ago, we brought up the term "Bernadefense" which described the incredible plays  With the introduction of Beast Mode T-shirts from 22fresh, the term has since evolved into Shark Mode. Shark Mode is to defense what Beast Mode is to offense.  Anyone who makes an incredible defensive play is harnessing Shark Mode.  Naturally, the term stems from the Shark himself, as he is one of the finest examples of defensive superstardom as you'll find in the game of baseball @22fresh has repeatedly ignored my requests for a Shark Mode T-shirt, although I believe there would be some purchases made when the shirt is made (Tyler and I would each buy 15).   If you follow @22fresh, do your best to convince him that Shark Mode tees would be worthwhile.  Perhaps we will have to jump on the @Section138 bandwagon, and start creating Sharkadina, Shark Mode, and other shark themed apparel, ourselves.

Available soon at the Sharkadina Shop
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Even Kids Love The Shark

It was another disappointing game for The Shark and The Nats last night.  They lost 11-5 and are still hunting for their first win under new skipper Davey Johnson.  The Shark went 0-5, but did reach on an error in the sixth, which brought in two runs to briefly put the Nats on top.  They play their final game against the California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels tonight.  The Shark leads off again in a Werth/Desmond/Ramos/Nix-less line up.  Brian "Speed Racer" Bixler bats 2nd and Matt Stairs bats clean up (hey, maybe he will surprise us...).

Federal Baseball has a great article about Bernadina over on their site about his recent interview on the Sirius/XM radio show "Inside Pitch."  Here is some of what he had to say:

Bernadina, who stole 16 bases in 18 attempts over 134 games in 2010, has already stolen 11 bases through 46 games this year, and he's only been caught once so far. "Are you going to run more now," the former Nats' GM asked Bernadina today, "having the confidence to know they can't throw you out?" "Whenever I get on base I want to run more," Bernadina said. "I definitely feel confident whenever I get on base I can go, and until whenever they tell me to, til whenever I get the hold sign, but otherwise, I'm going." 
Have you ever tried to give a Shark the hold sign?  Usually they just bite your hand off.

In other news, The Shark craze is starting to gain momentum in the younger generation of Nats Fans.  Loyal Shark Fan Brian recently reported being approached by two kids at the Gallery Place Metro station who started screaming "We Love Sharkadina!" at him.  They were about six or seven, but even babies are getting into the Shark Spirit:

It's OK baby sharks, Bernadina will get a hit tonight
If you have a baby, you should definitely buy one of these robes.  You can even personalize them!  I now know what gift I am bringing to all friends, relatives, and stranger's baby showers.  If I was only 24 years younger, I would get one that said "Sharkadina" and wear it every single day.  They look so comfy!

More to come.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It was a quiet night for the Shark last night as the Nationals fell to the Angels 3-4.  The game was at 10:05pm and considering Tyler and I had to wake up ay 6:15am, meant we only watched the Shark's first 2 ABs (which were sadly uneventful). Despite home runs by Mako Morse, Ryan Zimmerman, and the Kangaroo, Danny Espinosa, the bullpen couldn't hold on as Sean Burnett allowed a bases loaded single in the 11th to lose the game in walk off fashion.  Unfortunately, the Shark ended the game 0-4.  After the game, Bernadina growled something about revenge being inevitable tonight.

Shark Sighting:
Eno Sarris, who writes for FanGraphs, a fantasy baseball news website referred to Roger Bernadina by his nickname in a recent post on him.  To us, there are very few things more exciting than hearing/reading other people using the Shark nickname.  I have said it before, and I will say it again; if you play fantasy baseball and the Shark is available, pick him up, ASAPSarris agrees.

In Other News:
Husband and wife photographer team Chris and Monique Fallows have captured some stunning pictures of Roger Bernadina making his usual incredible catches.  The article is entitled Flying Sharks.  They failed to include the one below, but it is a pretty cool slideshow, nonetheless. Thank you to @JackoBeam for bringing this to my attention.

The Shark shagging fly balls in his natural habitat
The Nationals continue their siege on heaven when they play game two tonight against the Angels.  The Shark again bats in the leadoff spot tonight and aims to bounce back after last nights 0fer.  Two games is still plenty of time for the Shark to annihilate the Angels...

More to come.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Fresh off a win, the Nationals head to Aneheim to face the Angels.  Let me just say this.  It is going to take the power of God to protect them against the Shark...

More to come.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nationals win again, sharks around world rally behind Bernadina

Terry and Tyler were both gone this weekend.  Terry was in Michigan and Tyler was in _____.  (I honestly have no idea.)  Because of this, we were unable to post yesterday, thus ending our own Shark Streak of 14 days with a post.  Coincidentally, it was also only their second loss in that same span (for which, we do regrettably take responsibility for). Therefore, we would like to issue an apology to that one awesome Roger Bernadina fan who checks everyday and was amazingly disappointed last night.  Another apology goes to the rest of you all who occasionally check the Shark's Official Fanpage.  We are sorry.

That said, we now begin a new streak with tonights post.

The Nationals recovered from the 0-3 shutout that defined last night, by beating the Chicago White Sox 2-1 in the rubber match game tonight.  Tonight's win, coupled with the Atlanta Braves loss, pushed the Shark led Nationals to a 40-38 record and only 3.5 games back in the NL Wild Card race.  Livan Hernadez sharked up before the game and pitched amazingly, with 9 Ks in 6 and 2/3 inningsDanny "the Kangaroo" Espinosa hit another home run, a two run shot, scoring Mako Morse which accounted for all the runs for the Nats.  The bullpen, with the Bull himself, Drew Storen shut down the Sox to end the game and back Livan's gem.

The Shark led off and started in CF.  After pounding White Sox pitchers for the past 2 days, the Shark laid low this game going 0-3 with a hit by pitch.  Unfortunately, no one in the first 5 spots of the order got a hit and the Shark (via HBP) and Mako (with a walk), were the only two in that selection to reach base at all.  After the game, Espinosa admitted that the Humber HBP of Bernadina inspired him to hit his HR.  Said Espinosa (who batted sixth), "Mess with the Shark, and you will pay."

The Shark also did a backwards somersault in the game just to prove how super athletic he is!  Granted, it was on a ball that was somehow (and just BARELY) out of the reach of the Shark (Shocking, I know). My guess is that they sprayed Shark Repellent Bat Spray on all the balls before the game.  The near-catch did provide this great shot of the Shark, which looks remarkably similar to the Section 138 (and only known) Sharkadina shirt.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shark Robs Donkey, Game Goes on FOREVER

This is the game that would not end.  It lasted almost 5 hours and the Nats blew leads in the 9th, 10th and 12th. They went through everyone in their bullpen. They finally won in the 14th inning thanks to a rally sparked by an infield single by the newly nicknamed Brian "Speed Racer" Bixler.  The Shark went 4-8 with 2 runs, and RBI, and a stole base.  But that wasn't the most impressive thing he did...

As we predicted earlier today the Shark destroyed Adam "Big Donkey" Dunn by personally robbing him of a home run and keeping the game at 0-0.   Some people have been questioning the origin and motives behind "The Shark" nickname.  I hope this catch helps put those questions to rest.  Bernadina moved through centerfield as sleekly as a great white shark moves towards his prey.  He majestically leaped over the fence like a powerful Great White emerging from the deep blue into the open air and caught the ball as easily as a Shark swallows a minnow into his gaping jaw.  Excuse the flowerly language, but that catch was just that sweet.  Just another day for Bernadina as The Shark.

The similarities are eerie
Shark got off to a rough start offensively, but finally got going in the 8th inning.  He got on base with a bunt, promptly stole second, and moved over to third on the Loch Nix Monster's ground out.  Then Mako Morse stepped up to the plate and engaged Beast Mode.  He hit a blast to CF to put the Nats up 2-0.

Things got crazy in the bottom of the eigth,  Mako Morse stretched for a ball then tagged the runner who was called out.  The home plate umpire then REVERSED THE CALL.  Interm Manager John McLaren did not like that and argued it LIKE A BOSS.  He got thrown out, but that wasn't enough, JERRY Hairston got fired up and was ejected too.

I wrote that in the 9th inning when I thought the game was almost over...boy was I wrong.   I'm not going to recap all of the back and forth drama of the 9th-14th innings, but needless to say, it was an exciting game and Shark had some great hits. Brian Bixler really was player of the game and cemented his nickname as "Speed Racer" (be sure to tweet it to Bill Ladson).

Here are a few things that have been made clear tonight:
  • The Shark is the most accurate nickame for Roger Bernadina
  • Brian Bixler's new nickname is Speed Racer
  • No one cares about Jim Riggleman anymore
  • Even though McLaren did awesome, Davey Johnson will be named Manager very soon
  • Mako Morse/Loch Nix Monster combo is powerful
  • I stayed up waaaaaaaaay too late
More to come.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Fresh off an 8-1 home stand, the Nationals head to the Windy City to battle the Chicago White Sox.  Former National Adam Dunn (AKA Big Donkey) will be there waiting for them (and wishing he was back with the Nats)Socks may seem a little pathetic against a powerful Shark, and they are.  Big Donkey and the Sox are gonna bleed cotton against the White Sox....

I don't care how big the donkey is...he doesn't stand a chance.
More to come.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loch Nix Monster Sacrifice

First off, the Nats are on fire and burning at such a temperature that nothing seems to be able to cool them off.  Pitching was again the talk of the game, with the game tied at 0 until the bottom of the ninth.  That's when the Loch Nix Monster stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded and roped a ball to left.   His sacrifice (fly) ended the game, and made the prediction of Shark vs Mariners jump from fantasy to reality.  Final score: 1-0The Shark, too had a good game, considering the domination by the Seattle pitcher, Pineda.  He doubled in the 4th and ended the game 1 for 4.  A new Shark Streak begins!

Second, Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman unexpectedly resigned after today's win against SeattleThe Nats have won 11 out of 12, brought their record up to 38-37 and it is largely agreed that they are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now.  Why would he resign?  Well, he wanted his contract picked up for next year, and GM Mike Rizzo wasn't ready to commit to that.  So he left.  I also understand that their is a lot pressure managing a Shark and it can be a little to much for some...  It's been an emotional roller coaster today and we will have more Sharkadina analysis probably soon, but we have other, far less important things to get to...

As promised, here are some more pictures from last night's game.  Going to a game en masse is the way to go.... specially when it is dollar dog night.  We shall have to organize more soon. ALL ARE INVITED!

Note: If you are not a fan of blogs with stacks of photos, feel free to scroll through these...

At last night's game, we debuted some new apparel.  Jumpin' Zac Flash (remember him?) constructed these little ditties, which can turn any ordinary hat(or head) into a Shark Fin.
Three fierce sharks and one adorable one
Those shiny paper fins are 100 times cooler (temperature-wise) than the fabric ones
Picture courtesy of @D_Eklund
New Shark fans really getting into the game!
A close up on one of the homemade shirts...can't even tell Terry messed it up
While we were some of the loudest fans in our section last night, even we were impressed with this young fanatic:


This is Jimmy Kloke of  Jimmy Kloke Fan Club and he spent over half of the game tirelessly working to start the Wave down the first base sideline.  His dedication inspired our whole section to start chanting his name and no one in the stadium was happier when the Wave finally caught on and circumnavigated the stadium a few times in the eighth inning.  You, Jimmy Koke, have earned the prestigious Shark of Approval.  Keep it up, my fellow super fan!  We Shark fans love riding waves!

More to come.


For the 10th time in 11 games, the Washington Nationals won!  For the third time in the same span, Sharkadina was at the game, cheering on the Shark and spreading the Shark love around the stadium.  Each game, the group that we have been with has been growing.  On Shark Night, Tyler and I represented Bernadina in the stands, then Lindsay and Lydia joined in on the fin (fun) when the Nats beat the O's.  Last night, there were ten of us, filling a Row N in Section 136, surrounded by a sea of Mariners fans (or at least Ichiro fans).  It is great to have such awesome friends (who are willing to wear ridiculous homemade shirts, and broil under the hoods)!
Pictured: Brian, Meg, Zac, Nikki, Chad, Robert, Terry, Blake, Tyler, Elizabeth
The game turned out to be a pitching duel, with Erik Bedard going head to head with John Lannan with the Nationals ending out on top 2-1.  While both of the runs that the Nationals scored were unearned, strong defense(besides the two errors), powerful pitching, and the Shark's menacing presence won this game.   For the first time since May, they are sporting a .500 recordDanny "the Kangaroo" Espinosa and JERRRRRRY Hairston Jr. each hit an RBI singles and Clip and Storen each pitched scoreless innings.

Two hit streaks ended last night.  Ryan Zimmerman's ten game streak and the Shark's 7 game streak sadly both came to an end.  The Shark started in center, batted ninth, and ended 0-3, which made the victory all the more impressive.  The other Nationals players decided to give Bernadina some rest, by contributing all the offense and some of the defense (Jerry Hairston Jr, made a nice catch in left in the first inning, before promptly throwing the ball away...).

The Shark's resting game (like the book The Westing Game?) didn't deter the spirit in the stands.  Outside the two people directly in front of us (who did not seem to care for my incessant screaming), our section quickly got on board with the Shark nickname, chanting Shark with us, and restraining from cursing at us to to "shut up."  This great picture by Cheryl Nichols is a bit deceptive, because EVERYONE loved cheering for the Shark... not just us...

At least the guy in orange is smiling...
Being closer to the ground, unlike last Saturday, we were fortunate enough to catch Bernadina's attention before the game.  He acknowledged our cheers with a wave, then later stopped by to say hi (cause he is so awesome).  We wished him good luck, as Cheryl Nichols snapped this picture:

Shark and Sharkadina before the game
There are plenty more pictures and stories from last night which will be posted later today.  We figured it would be better to keep the recap (relatively) short...  If you talked to us last night, or you were part of the Sharkadina Posse, post a comment and share your honest and likely brutal opinions of last night.  We usually love positive feedback! 

The Shark goes up against Mariners rookie sensation Michael Pineda today.  Unfortunately for Pineda, he's right handed, which means the Shark is gonna feast...

More to come.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I predicted yesrday that the Shark was going to bite the Mariners this series.  What I didn't predict was that the Buffalo (previously know as the Rhino, also known as Wilson Ramos) would come along and trample the remaining life out of them.   With the help of the Ramos, the Nationals came from behind (down 5-0 at one point), to beat the M's 6-5.  The Buffalo had a no doubt, walk off, 3-run home run in the bottom of the ninth to seal the game.  The Nationals had accumulated only 3 hits prior to the ninth, as Mariners pitcher Doug Fister appeared to have the Nationals number.  The Shark Tank (Mako, Shark, and Great Werth) fed on Mariners by each reaching base in the ever important ninth inning.

The Shark had a good game, going 1-3 with and RBI and an awesome sliding catch (highly sharkadelic).  He also contributed an important walk, which helped set up the dramatics in the 9th.  Prior to his single, the Nats had done nothing against Fister (no nickname needed).  He extended his hit streak to 7 games and raised his batting average slightly, up to .282Bernadina is on fire and he's showing no signs of slowing.  He's feeding off the power that "the Shark" nickname provides and he is rapidly becoming a Nationals Fan Favorite (he already these fans' favorite).

Bernadina further emphasized the fact that he is serious about winning, by recently posting:
I hope you are taking note Bill Ladson

Monday, June 20, 2011


Tomorrow, the Washington Nationals kick off a three game series against the Seattle Mariners (there will be a huge group of Shark fans at the game on Wednesday!).  The Shark has never faced the Mariners in his career, but Mariners are sea-faring men and should know what to do when pitted against a Shark. Despite that fact that Mariners, they don't stand a chance...

Also, to all you Fantasy Baseball players, I have recently made some moves to create the perfect team, which I promptly renamed "The Shark Tank"

If the Shark is available in your league, don't miss out on the opportunity to pick him up like Tyler did (he's clinging dearly to his Desmond/Clippard combo)The guys at ESPN agree! (click play on the 6/20 podcast and skip ahead to about the 7:40 mark.  Thanks to @VijfdeHonk for pointing this out!)

More to come.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shark rocks, but Nats fall

The Nationals faced the Orioles today with an 8 game win streak on the line.  They had the momentum to win and it was clear that the Shark wanted nine.  Unfortunatly, the Nationals doomed themselves early in this game with a series of fielding mistakes and ultimately fell to the O's 7-4.  As a team, the Nationals made 3 errors and left 11 on base (Shark left none on base).

The Shark had an incredible game, contributing two singles and a home run, to bump his average up to .281 (he's coming for you Ladson).  He had a third of the teams hits.  His home run was his 3rd in the last four games.  Since Shark Night on Tuesday, when we met up with the Shark after the game, Bernadina has batted 11-24 (.458 avg) with 3 home runs and 6 RBIs, while sporting a 6-game hit streak.

Listening to Bernadina's home run was a lot of fun. Charlie Slowes, the play-by-play radio announcer has adopted the Shark nickname and has been using it since Friday night.  I recorded the audio broadcast of the home run and threw some stills to it.  Listen below to hear Slowes exclaim "Shark" in excitement (he may also say "mako" in there too, so listen carefully):

Despite the loss, the Nationals will have to shark it off, and regroup before the Mariners come to town starting Tuesday.  The Mariners, being sea-faring people, are well aware of what the Shark can do.  Even so, expect the Shark to have a feeding frenzy.

Happy Father's Day
Seeing as today is Father's Day (Happy Father's Day, Dad!!), Roger Bernadina introduced his father to Adam JonesAdam Jones cried for 3 straight hours and ground into a double play late in the game.
Bernadina and father, pictured with Adam Jones.
More to come.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sharkadina was at the Orioles-Nats game today, and boy was it a good one.  A big crowd turned out, the clouds and a breeze kept the heat from being unbearable (although at times, our shark hoods were a bit heavy on the heat), the Nationals won, and most importantly, the Shark played well.

The Nats fell behind early in this one as Adam "scared of sharks" Jones homered in the first inning off starter Jordan Zimmermann (even with that home run, he's an infinitely better pitcher than John Wall).  The losing score didn't last long as Ryan Zimmerman returned the favor, by launching one (and I mean crushing one) way way back in left field.  The game was tied for a few innings, until Mako Morse hit yet another home run (13th of the year), this one a 2 run blast, and Pudge tossed in an RBI double to seal the game.  The final score was 4-2 as Bernadina caught the final out.

The Shark started the game in center field, and batted in the nine slot against the left handed pitcher Brian Matusz.  The Orioles, clearly fearful of the Shark, hit only 2 balls in his direction all game (which he caught without trouble).  He ended the game 1 for 3 with a single.  He also stole his tenth base of the season, easily beating the throw by Weiters.  His batting average crept up to .268.  I hope you are paying attention, Bill Ladson...

The one problem with the game is that, being in Section 226, we do not think that Bernadina saw us during the game.  Despite my best efforts and our loudest yells (Tyler is bringing earplugs next game...), sound doesn't travel too well in the stratosphere.  On a positive note, everyone in our section heard us yelling and even the Orioles fans around us were getting on board with the Shark nickname.  Ideally, there will be some Shark cheers at tomorrow's game, despite our absence...

Coincidentally, my neighbor, Super Awesome Shark Fan Extraordinaire Lydia, was at the game, and even more coincidentally, she was in our section, and best of all,  she brought a home made Shark sign.  It was great to see her, and I'm sure the Bernadina appreciates the support!  Sharkadina definitely does!

Best Shark Fan/Sign Ever
Fortunately, we didn't alienate the people we were sitting by too much, because at the end of the game, the two girls behind us didn't even mind taking our picture!
Sharkadina sporting the classic sign cirque August 2010
It was a fun game to be at.  The Nationals have now won (palindrome) eight in a row and the Shark's now has a 5-game hit streak.  I'm looking forward to listening to tomorrow's game, especially with the O's starting a right handed pitcher (with a loooong last name...).  Expect the Shark and the Nats to continue feasting as the Nats go for 9.  SHARK VS. ORIOLES: VOLUME 2

More to come.


For the second straight game, the Shark homered!  For the seventh straight game, the Nationals won, and for the nth straight game, the Shark is my favorite player. With the Shark on fire, Mako Morse and the whole Nationals Zoo booming, these Nationals are the team to watch.  A fun team to watch at that!  Despite giving up 18 hits (yes, really 18), the Nationals beat the Orioles 8-4.  While the Orioles had three players with 4 or more hits, the Nats had a more balanced attack.  Seven of the Nats starters had hits and the pitcher Marquis reached on an error.  Mako Morse, the one position player without a hit, contributed 2 walks, with one being intentional.  The Shark finished the game 1 for 4, but contributed a home run and 2 RBIs.  He now has 5 RBIs in his last 4 games!
Shark Fans tracytran and darkmeathook have already been on MASN, are we next?
Radio Shark
Since I don't have a TV, I was listening to the Nats game last night, and in the bottom of the 2nd inning, with Bernadina on deck, Washington Nationals radio broadcaster Charlie Slowes, brought up the Shark nickname. I jumped with excitement and giddily listened on. This is the first time that Tyler or I have heard them bring up the nickname on either TV or Radio.  Here is a transcription of what Charlie said about the Shark:

"Roger Bernadina is on deck.  The fans have nicknamed him the Shark.  Don't know why.  Not sure if I even like it."

Friday, June 17, 2011


Rain, caused by Nix during batting practice, has delayed the start of the Nationals game tonight as they kick off a series with the OriolesThe Shark faced the Orioles earlier in the year and hit his first home run of 2011 against them.  Now, with the Shark as hot as ever, the Orioles will be roasted...

Brian Roberts is creepily scared...
More birds equal more fun.  After feasting on the Cardinals, the Orioles will be equally delicious.

More to come.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sharkorade Celebration!

Earlier today, we premised that the Shark was going to devour the Cardinals.  We could not have been more right as the Nationals beat the Cardinals 7-4 in an extra inning affair.

The game started with a bang and ended with one.  The Great Werth led off with a solo-shot.  Then Tyler predicted that Shark would follow suit on Twitter:

AND HE DID! Just like that, Bernadina got his second home run of the year and the Nats were up 2-0.  The pure adrenaline pumping through our veins as we watched that could have killed a large goat. During the 3 game series with the Cardinals (which began with a bang of its own...), the Shark totaled 6 hits, including 4 singles, a double, and a home run.  I think it is fair to say the Shark is on fire.   While the Shark did end 1 for 4, even his outs were hard hit.  Berkman was caught "sharking up" during the game, which explains how he made a ridiculous play to rob the Shark of at least a double

In an attempt to impress the Shark after he impressed them, the game became a regular home run derby.  Besides Werth and Shark, the following players hit homers: Holliday, Nix, Pujols, Molina, Espinosa (shockingly not Mako Morse after last night's showing).

The Loch Nix Monster's was especially impressive since immediately after he hit it, it started POURING on the stadium.  The mythical powers of the Loch made the ball tear through a cloud in the sky.  Of all the home runs, Nix did the best to impress Bernadina, knowing that the players in the Shark Tank (Mako Morse, The Great Werth, and The Shark) play better in their natural habitat of water.  (On a side note, someone took Laynce Nix's nickname off Wikipedia...)

Luckily, the rain dissipated quickly so the game wasn't delayed.  Unluckily, the Cardinals came back to tie the game in the top of the 9th and no one, not even the Shark, could wrap up the game in the bottom of that inning.  

Sean Burnett pitched well in the top of the 10th, and Danny Espinosa decided the game had gone on long enough and hit a three run walk-off jack to right field. The best part was that Bernadina was  impressed by Danny "the Kangaroo" Espinosa's hom erun so Daddy Desmond and The Shark kindly help him celebrate the victory:

Look at that winning smile!
The Nats swept this series, brought their winning streak up to six games, and moved into 4th place in the NL east.  The Shark and the Nats are hungry.  They've devoured the Cardinals and are getting ready for a second helping of bird with the Orioles coming to town tomorrow.  We'll be at the game on Saturday, will you?

More to come.


Last night's game had everyone asking "Who are these Nationals?" Well, they are the new 'Ten-to-zero-Shark-induced-Zimmerman's-back-Mako-Morse-is-crushing-it' Nationals.  Watching the game last night, I was giddy.  I mean, I was giddy two nights ago when the Nats game back to win it, but this was the giddiness of a runaway victory.  Livo was great, throwing a 3 hit shut-out for his 100th career win and 50th at home.  Shark, Mako, and Pudge each had 3 hits and combined for half of the RBI's.  Morse hit two homers and his second was displayed the raw power of the Mako Shark.

After last nights game, I had a premonition of tonight's game.  Coincidentally, the premonition then appeared on my computer screen.  Shark Miracle!
Skip Schumaker makes a decent toothpick
Breaking News:
Mr. Bill Ladson, the mother of the "Speed Racer" debacle of a nickname has decided to make a deal. May you all bear witness to his agreement, so when it comes time, we have it in writing...

Soon, we won't have to deal with any of this business anymore....
In the past two games, the Shark has gone 5 for 8, raising his batting average from .246 to .269.  I also want to point out that his .331 OBP is 4th best on the team, and is on a steady climb north.  Expect the Shark to keep up this hot streak, so we can end this "Speed Racer" bull sh**k once and for all.

More to come.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Tonight, the Nationals kicked off the second game of the 3 game set against the Cardinals.   Driven by the Shark (shark driver sounds deadly), the Nats crushed the Cards 10-0 (the Cardinals never seem to have much luck against the Shark).  We will post more about that game tomorrow, including the long awaited SHARK VS. CARDINALS photo.  In the meantime, there are more important things to talk about...

The Story Begins....
A long day of anticipation led up to Shark Night... It didn't matter how many people were fired, how many promises were broken, how many lives were lost, nothing could take away from the raw excitement.  The day only got better, when we found out where we were sitting... Section 119 (more info on that below).  Follow the first base line past home plate, the netting, and 15 rows up and you would find us.  You can imagine our excitement to be within eyeshot of the players (as opposed to our usual row X seats).  Minutes later, the news broke that Bernadina wouldn't be starting the game.  While this could have ruined everything, we chose to "shark it off" and make complete assholes out of ourselves at the game, even if the Shark wasn't starting. To prepare, we designed (using the latest computer and graphic technology) a brand new double-sided sign for the occassion.  One side read "LET SHARK PLAY" since he wasn't slated to start.  The other side read "SHARK ATTACK" since we new he would play anyway. Below is an image of us on the Jumbotron with our professionally created sign...

Sharks featured on the Jumbotron!
Before the Game...
After picking up the tickets in a location unknown to either of us, we checked out our seats, before taking our usual lap around the park.  A special thanks to the Shark and his pal Eric for helping us get these amazing seats in Section 119.  The cushioned seats made the 2x4 plank spanning two paint cans in Row X that we usually sit in, seem so... what's the word...uncomfortable.  Section 119,  is the "friends and family (and hot girlfriends)" section as we were surrounded by PEOPLE WHO WERE SO NICE.  A special shout out to all the people who put up with us the whole game, including the awesome kid who's been to almost all the baseball stadiums in America (less Citi Field), the two kids who instantly became some of the biggest Shark fans, the whole row in front of us, who never lost faith in the Shark, even when the Nats were down 6-1, and the beautiful, beautiful...beautiful families of the Nats players. It is really the best section to sit in. I don't know how I will ever go back to Row X...

During our lap, we wer happy to see and meet a lot of fellow Loyal Shark Fans such as @darkmeathook, @tracytran, @sweetpearacer, and @cnichols14 among others.  Until the game began, there was a nice little Shark posse marching around the stadium, which served to influence many new Shark fans (I presume). The number of people who yelled out "Sharkadina!", "I love Bernadina!", and "What's with those dicks in the Shark hats?" before the game just goes to show you that everyone loves The SharkWE EVEN SAW ANOTHER BERNADINA JERSEY SHIRT (first one either of us had seen, besides our own).

A posse of Shark Fans storm the Shark Shark (Shake Shack*)
The Game Begins...
The game began with the Shark in the dugout.  He did acknowledge our screams with a wave however, which made us feel good. Throughout the first inning we displayed the LET SHARK PLAY side and screamed corresponding messages at the dugout.  It turns out that Jim Riggleman was listening and thought we had a good idea because Bernadina came up to bat for ricK anKiel in the bottom of the second (anKiel reportedly tore his "intercoastal muscle," but I think he knew it was Shark Night and faked his injury).   We figured that Bernadina would get into the game eventually, as a PH, or PH, or DR later in the game, but seeing a Shark in the on deck circle gave Tyler and I a giddy sensation (not like that). Right on cue, Shark singled in his first at-bat.

Overall, the Shark had a great night, going 2-3 with an RBI, run, a crucial HBP in the 6th inning to keep the rally alive.  He was robbed of another RBI by a baserunning gaffe by the Rhino. which led to a double play.  Interestingly, the Cardinals only hit one or two balls to center field after the Shark took over... (they are smart?).  It is interesting to note, that in games that Shark Fans have been in the stands, Bernadina is 6 for 10.   We explained the origin of the nickname to so many curious fans that hopefully we can have devout Shark Fans at every game.  It is good to note that everyone got it and jumped right on the Shark Express (why can't you Bill Ladson?!?!  Breaking News: Ladson will accept the Shark nickname if... FIND OUT TOMORROW).

I can honestly say that last night was one of the most exciting games I've been to in awhile.  Ryan Zimmerman was back, the crowd was really into it, and we witnessed an amazing come back victory by the Shark and the Nats.  It was what happened after the game that separated this game from any other come back win...

After the Game...
We met up with the Shark's friend, Eric and he led us back to just outside the clubhouse and meet The Shark.  He was one of the last players out, so we got to see a lot of the other players leave.  Some highlights:
  • Terry held the door for Matt Stairs and his family.  Stairs was wearing an Expos T-Shirt!
  • Jim Riggleman celebrated the win with an ice cream cone
  • Ian Desmond brought his dog to the stadium!
  • Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen bike to work (just like Terry)
  • Laynce Nix is HUGE. Way bigger than he looks on TV, if that is possible.  If you glued Tyler and and Terry together, shoulder to shoulder, the Loch Nix Monster's muscular shoulders would dwarf them.
Finally, The Shark came out.

Dreams do come true, kids!
In person, Roger Bernadina is the nicest person you will ever meet.  He is always smiling and so humble.  He loves the nickname and the blog and was kind enough to give us two autographed game-used bats (our new most prized possessions).  He told us his hamstring is doing better and that he wants people to "change it up" when Ladson calls him Speed Racer (Which means that you Bill, must accept the Shark).  

The game was incredible and meeting the Shark was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life.  This makes all the work that we've put into to the nickname, the blog, and everything else worth it.  Meeting the Shark was a big goal that Tyler and I can now check it off our list.  Now there is nothing else to do, so we are officially closing this blog...


You can't kill Sharkadina, just like you can't kill the spread of the Shark nickname CAN YOU DIG IT?

Next goal: send the Shark to the All Star Game.

More to come.

SHARK NIGHT (short version)

Riggleman reads our "Let Shark Play" sign and follows though.

Shark headlines Shark Night

Nats win!

Tyler and Terry meet up with the Shark after the game and the man is awesome

Details tomorrow.

Photo care of Cheryl Nickols.  Jumbo Shark!!
More to come.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Normally, on the eve of a series, Sharkadina posts a picture of the Shark in action against the team (in this case, the Cardinals).  That may still come, but it won't come today (good thing it is a 3 game series).  That is because tonight is a very special night.   

With the Nationals back in DC, Terry back from Michigan, and hopefully the Shark fully recovered from the sore hamstring, tonight is SHARK NIGHT!

It is supposed to be a beautiful night at the ballpark, and with the assistance of the lure of $2 tickets, we should should have a strong turnout.  Fans from all across the country are swarming to Nationals Park to support the Shark (at least a handful of people from the greater DC metropolitan area).  Sure, it helps that Zimmerman might be back in the lineup, but the Shark is the number one thing on everyone's mind.

As far as I know, there are still tickets available.  If you are able to come, get your tickets ASAP.  Then, pack your Shark hoods, hats, shirts, ties, sombreros, bikinis, Northface fleece parkas, and cheer on the Shark.

There are ideas for Shark apparel here or you can print this mask off, color it it, glue it to a popsicle stick, and wear it when the Shark is batting.  Make sure you cheer loud enough to be heard, and if anyone asks about the nickname, you can tell them, "Roger Bernadina hunts down fly balls like a shark going after it's prey" and refer them to Sharkadina.

For anyone interested, Tyler and Terry will have a limited number "SHARK ATTACK" signs we made (not on work time or with work resources), which we would love for you to sport.  If you are on twitter, look for a tweet up (which I just learn was Twitter talk for meet up), and if we have some left, take them.  I want to hear the stadium erupt when the Shark is batting or makes a sweet catch. 


More to come.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Shark!

So I had a post all written up recapping last night's game that the Nats won 2-1 and talking about how Bernadina was scratched from the lineup due to a tight hamstring that's been bothering him for a little bit.  I wrote about how he was probably going to sit out tonight and also use tomorrow's off day to rest so he can play on Tuesday (Desmond is also sitting out, and Ryan Zimmerman may be back on Tuesday as well).  I wrote that Brian Bixler did well subbing in for the Shark last night going 2-2 with a walk, and our bullpen really came through again after Espinosa and Ramos hit RBI's in the 1st.  Honestly, it was a pretty good post.  But then I remembered...


So none of that stuff really matters, it is much more important to show you all of these Shark themed birthday cakes I found online:

This first one is a little graphic, but really captures the essence of The Shark.  From Kimbos Cakes

This next one is just plain lame. No true Shark fan would accept this.  It is clearly made out of a football shaped cake pan. The Shark plays baseball, you fool!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Deep Shark Nine

Well, last night Mako Morse led the Nats to a 2-1 victory against the Padres with support from Tyler "Peaches" Clippard from the bullpen.  Shark was an embarassing 0-4 and must have been moving slowly due to full stomach after eating the Swinging Friar.

Tonight, Jim Riggleman tries out a new aproach to the lineup, with The Great Werth leading off and The Shark batting 9th behind pitcher John Lannan.  It doesn't matter if Bernadina hits 1st, 2nd, 9th, or wherever, he is going to make up for his showing last night by going to warp speed and taking the Padres and their pitcher Clayton Richard to deep space. With Bernadina hitting 9th, I'm naming this lineup "DEEP SHARK NINE." (We have so many ocean metaphors on this blog, I thought we should mix it up and bring in a space one...just go with it).

Picture courtesy of Discovery Channel (this is actually a real article about the link between Sharks and Space- it's a good Saturday read before tonight's game).

More to come.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


The Shark faced the Padres a couple of weeks ago in DC and the Nats lost one of two games Bernadina started.  The Shark is getting a day off tonight. Or perhaps he decided to rest a game to help the Padres recover from something that happened earlier... Photographic proof of this incident below...

Bernadina had some trouble with those wide hips but took care of the "Swinging Friar" pretty easily.  Expect more of that to happen in the upcoming series.

More to come.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A fool and his nickname are soon parted

The Nats couldn't put it together against Matt Cain tonight.  To use a Bible metaphor, Cain was Cain and the Nationals were Abel.  In the end, the Nationals lost 3-1.... The game was tied 1-1 in the top of the 7th, but then Sean Burnett was given the ball.  You can guess what happened next...

The Shark went 0 for 3, but continued to display his ability to get on base with a walk.  He also stole another base, putting him at 9 on the season.  Mako Morse, amazed by Bernadina's speed, begged the Shark for information on stealing bases.  A couple of innings later, Mako proved he learned something by swiping second base.  He later came around to score the Nationals only run, when RicK AnKiel managed to not strike out.

The game was quick and painful, but more painful still is the fact that Bill Ladson WILL NOT GIVE UP ON THIS "SPEED RACER" THING.  I am 100% sure he is doing it to get a rise out of us because let's be honest, Speed Racer is a cliche and weak nickname.  However, perhaps unbeknownst to Ladson, he is burning his bridges and will soon be trapped on a Shark surrounded island.  I have yet to see anyone think "Speed Racer" is a good nickname.  Here are some of my favorite recent tweets on the matter:
Another brilliant late night Ladson tweet *glug glug*
Here's hoping the Shark hosts it this year
Moments after tonight's Shark Steal
Right on cue...
Don't know who this guy is... but his opinion is correct!
Ace knows what is going on!
Mr. Ladson, "the Shark" is Bernadina's nickname.  With all due respect, cut all ties to Speed Racer so we can pretend this never happened.  SHARK, SHARK, SHARK, SHARK!

To all of you who think Michael Morse shouldn't be called Mako Morse, please explain why he's clearly hydrating his gills and dentacles in this picture:

 More to come.

The Shark Backs Jordan "the _______" Zimmermann

The Nats are back to winning ways!  The Nationals rebounded from yesterday's ugly 13 inning loss to beat the Giants 2-1 last night.  This time when I went to sleep, the score was 2-1 and with left field protected by the Shark, the score stayed that way.  The Shark led off and started in LF for the second time this season  (I am still a huge proponent of the One Shark Outfield, with Bernadina alone out there, while adding an extra two infielders...)Jordan Zimmermann, who definitely needs a powerful animal nickname, continued to pitch all-star quality baseball.  He went 7 innings and gave up only 5 hits....  Shark, Mako, and JZ should represent the Nats in the All Star Game!

Speaking of the Shark, he pushed his new Shark Streak to 3 games, by singling in 4 at-bats.  He also stole his eighth bag this season and still hasn't been caught once.  He was hit by a pitch in the 3rd inning, which is one of the most dangerous things to do.  Jonathon Sanchez, who was pitching for the Giants, was put in protective custody for the rest of the game, and was pulled before he faced the Shark again.  A stern warning was given to the Giants bench from the umpire, in the hopes of saving a life or two.  The hit by pitch did help raise his OBP to .315 which is good for 6th best on the team.  Keep in mind that it continues to rise...

Yesterday, I posted a sweet picture of Roger Bernadina... Unfortunately, it came out that the picture I posted yesterday was doctored!  I didn't even know you could adjust/manipulate pictures!  Anyway, Shark fan, Maiko Herajin (A true Mako) posted the original, unedited photo... This one is real folks.

This one really does look more accurate...

More to come.