Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Nats win!...and in a big way.  With a 10-2 victory over the division rivals, the Nationals began closing the gap on first place as the postseason approaches (by approaching, I mean 4 months away)The Shark led off, started in center field and proved pivotal to the Nationals win.  With the game tied at 0 in the bottom of the 3rd, the Shark's one out single paved the wave ("way" just isn't very shark-like) to a big 5-run inning.  He also lent his all powerful, hammerhead-shark-bone-marrow-enhanced bat to ESPEspinosa didn't miss the opportunity, and belted two home runs against the Phillies and the highly overrated Cliff Lee.

After the game, ESP announced, "I may be leading the team in homers, but the Shark is still leading the team in who is coolest.   I never want to play for a team without the Shark.  I don't think I could handle it."  Mako Morse also continued his torrid stretch, contributing 2 runs and 2 RBIs.  I knew that once he embraced his inner Shark, he could hit the way we was born to.

Finally, just so you are aware, the Shark has a 4 game hit streak going and he aims to continue it tomorrow.  You may say, "4 games isn't much", but I say, every 56 game hit streak started with a 4 game hit streak.  Which sounds better?  Streak Shark or Shark Streak?

Other News:
The Great White Shark populations off the coast of California have been on the rise recently.  Some people think it is because of environmental regulations enacted in the 90's... But according to several aquatic sources (remember Herb?), the sharks have actually just been returning in preparation for the Nationals upcoming West Coast swing (Arizona to San Fransisco to San Diego)

Google Search of the Day:
Someone found this blog by searching "flavored apples"... Remember this post???  Bizarre...

The Shark continues to battle the Phillies tomorrow at 1PM.  Be there.

More to come.

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