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Wow, that was one ridiculous game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals!  If you saw my post from earlier today, I predicted that the Shark was going to tear apart the Orioles.  You know something, I wasn't far off.

The game had a lot of ups and downs, but ultimately, the Shark led the Nationals to a crazy 17-5 drumming of the Orioles.  As a team, the Nationals hit 6 home runs.  The Great Werth hit two of them, and ESP had another.  For good measure, the Rhino also hit one, as the Nats rebounded from two straight shutouts, to pound a season high 19 hits.  Two players, Wilson "the Rhino" Ramos(who scored 5 runs!), and Danny ESPinosa, were a hit away from the cycle and the Nationals scored at least one run in 7 of the 9 innings.  Clearly, leaving the polluted and infested New York City has had a positive affect on the Nationals and the Shark.

Roger Bernadina had a very up and down game.  Overall, and definitely in the box score, the Shark had a good game.  He went 2 for 6, with a single and a two-run home run!  He also had an outfield assist which cooled a Baltimore rally.  His home run helped put the game out of reach.  Surprisingly (because of the lopsided score) the game was still close in the top of the 5th, with the Nationals  holding onto a 6-5 lead.  Then the Shark followed a Rhino triple and an ESP single with his first HR of the season to put the Nats up 10-5.  Offensively, the game was laughable after that.

The only blemish on the Shark's day was on a ball off the bat of Matt WietersWieters hit a long fly ball deep into center. Bernadina went back, but unfortunately, the ball bounced out of his glove (my guess is that either the Orioles messed with his glove or some sharkist (speciesist?) fans were yelling offensive slurs).  Fortunately, the shark gods were looking favorably on the Shark and "Sharkarma" came into play.  The Orioles scored two runs on the play, and two innings later, Bernadina hit a two run home run (which hit off the glove of Adam Jones).  His outfield assist also proved very valuable, ensuring that the Nats would retain a lead.  Sharkarma exists!

In my opinion, the Shark upside heavily outweighed any downside. Bernadina continues to provide offensively in the leadoff spot and defensively in the outfield.  Finally, tonight, Nats fans saw the first of many more home runs this season.

Long story, short:


Google Search of the Day:
Someone found the Sharkadina blog by searching "facts about dinosors and sharks that are the same."  never mind the fact that they misspelled dinosaurs, they are welcome here.  Also, so that you didn't come to this blog for naught, here a "fact about dinosors and sharks that are the same" which is also a link to the Shark Facts page of Sharkadina!
  1. Sharks and dinosaurs lived together between 64-450 million years ago. Then Bernadina got sick of dinosaurs.
Bernadina Birthday Bash:
Tyler mentioned this a few days ago but I wanted to confirm that this is happening.  Grab your Shark apparel, and be at Nationals Park on June 14th against the Cardinals.  SHARK NIGHT!

More to come.

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