Sunday, May 15, 2011


What is with Anibal Sanchez??  I wrote last week about his dominant start and his use of the illegal Shark Repellent Bat Spray.  Apparently, this Anibal domination of the Nationals extends farther back, as he is 7-0 against the Nats for his career. Unacceptable! The Nats need to Shark up and DESTROY SANCHEZ.

Sadly, the Nationals managed only 4 hits today against the Marlins.  The Shark (who was 0-4 in the previous Sanchez start), supplied one of the hits and added in a walk for good measure.  Unfortunately, the Nationals couldn't cash in, and failed to score a run in the game.  Mike Stanton, whom Bernadina robbed yesterday, decided not to test the Shark again and hit a long home run to left field, which was left unprotected with the Shark patrolling center (I am still a major proponent of putting the Shark in as a one-man outfield).  It was the only run allowed on the night by Livan Hernandez, but the Shark alone could not bring him the victory and the Nationals lost 1-0.

The one good bit of news was that the Nationals tied a franchise record by playing 9 consecutive games without an error.  Just try to tell me that's not because of the Shark (who has started each of the last 7).

The Nationals have one more game to redeem themselves tomorrow.  So Nationals... Shark Up or Ship Out!  Bernadina can't do this alone (well he can, but he shouldn't).  Whether this means the Nationals clone Bernadina 8 times like the Shanghai Sharks or if it just means they stop losing, make it happen.

Also, at last count, Roger Bernadina and Yuniesky Betancourt were still tied for Web Gem of the Year on ESPN with 4200 votes cast!  If you haven't yet, go to and vote for the Shark now! (For instructions on where to find the poll, click here).

Finally I leave you with this amazing photo by Shark fan @DCyetti (a rare and mythical creature in himself). If you remember from this years NBA Dunk Contest, Blake Griffin dunked over a car.  With last night's catch, I'm pretty sure the Shark topped that.  Thanks so much @DCyetti for the great shot from that previously unseen angle!  Is that Bernadina arch-nemesis BizarroShark (AKA Justin Maxwell) driving that car??

I can't believe I missed that car in all the replays I watched.
More to come.

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