Sunday, May 29, 2011


The Shark returned to the lineup after a day off yesterday and went 1 for 5 with a run and an RBI. He helped contribute the half the runs that the Nationals scored as they only managed 4 runs. Bernadina reached on an error in the first, stole 2nd (his seventh SB of the season!!), and then came around to score on a single by The Great Werth. Then, with the Nationals down 4-2, the Shark drilled a double to left. A triple was in sight but the Padres summoned the power of God and threw out Bernadina before he could get to third. Unfortunately, the power of God prevented an epic Shark walk-off as the Nats fell 5-4. Apparently, even the Padres can't play baseball fairly these days.. Who knew

Never fear Shark fans, these less-than-acceptable blogposts are almost finished as I will be back in DC starting and Sharkadina will be getting an upgrade! See you all soon!

Don't forget to Vote for Shark for the All Star Game and get your tickets for the June 14th Bernadina Birthday Bash! Support the Shark and he will succeed.

Finally, the Nats begin a series with the Phillies tomorrow and the Shark is gonna eat their right handed pitchers like popcorn. This means you Halladay and Hamels. Crunch!

More to come.

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