Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well there you have it, Shark fans.  To anyone who has come to this blog (whether on accident or on purpose) and questioned Roger Bernadina's nickname, I hope that tonight has helped you come around.

The Shark had a game to remember, offensively, defensively, and chain-link-fencively.  While the Nats couldn't pull out the victory, falling 5-4 to the Marlins in their third consecutive extra inning game, the Shark did his part.  I predicted earlier that the Shark was going to rudely welcome the Marlins to DC  and boy was I on the money for that one (ignore the fact that I claim similar things for the Nats opponent every game)!

Offensively, the Sharkplug went 3 for 5, with a walk, 2 singles and a double. Did I mention that the double was of the game tying variety (clearly I didn't)?  Well it was.  Down by two in the forth, with ducks on the pond (a shark favorite) Bernadina crushed a double to left center to tie the game at 4.  To further embarrass the Marlins, he promptly stole third.  Tonights game brought his batting average up to a team high .320 (only Ryan Zimmerman (on the DL) and Jesus Flores (2 total ABs) have higher BA but they don't count at the moment) and his SB count to 4 (tied for 3rd most on the team).

Defensively, the Shark set a standard for CF!  If you haven't already seen this video of "The Catch," you need to watch it now (or at least look at these frame by frame shots by the Nationals Enquirer).  With two on and two outs, Mike Stanton crushed a ball to deep center field.  Adam Kilgore's article describes what happens next well, "He bolted back, with time for maybe a dozen steps. “The only thing I could do is dive [like a shark],”Bernadina said. He soared, his body parallel to the ground [and his dorsal fin whistling through the air]. He snared the ball with the tip of his glove. As he crashed to the turf, white poked from the top of his black glove. The disbelieving crowd gasped, unsure how he had made that play." Roger Bernadina saved two runs and cemented his legacy as the Shark.  Seriously, watch "The Catch" now.

While I missed hearing/seeing/following 'The Catch' live (I was at the Tigers/Royals game...), the reactions to "The Catch" helped me understand the sheer beauty of the play.   Here are a few of my favorite reactions-
  • @federalbaseball - OMS!! OMS!! Oh MY SHARK!! Roger "The Shark" Bernadina with a snow-cone catch at the track, robs Mike Stanton of RBI's and extra bases.
  • @DCmadness22 - Roger Bernadina's catch. Wow....
  • @im_dillard - Bernadina's catch gave me goosebumps. 
  • @ouij - SHARK! #nats what a catch
  • @GreatWhiteShark - I wish I was Roger Bernadina
  • @HammerheadShark - Me too RT @GreatWhiteShark I wish I was Roger Bernadina
Chain-link-fencively, Bernadina's performance tonight has inspired a new fan (or at least acceptor) of the Shark nickname.  This is none other than MASN(the sports network that covers the Nats)'s Ben Goessling.  You may remember a couple of weeks ago when Goessling was searching for a Sharkadina explanation.  Thanks to all of you who messaged Ben... it appears that he has finally come around. Goessling posted this evening an open letter-esque blog entry addressed "Dear Sharkadina People." Unless there are others, I'm going to assume he is talking to Tyler and I(Terry)... Here is an excerpt from Ben's post: "So I'm here to tell you, Sharkadina People, that while I still think your nickname is a little odd, I'm getting on board... This will be an adjustment for me, so I ask for your patience. But after seeing that, I'm reconsidering acknowledging your Shark-love" It is a lovely read so if you have 85 seconds, you should check it out.

Welcome aboard Ben.  Any and all are welcome on the Shark Express.  Next goal: Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post (if you saw his post, he didn't use any shark-puns or call Bernadina the Shark once in the whole article...Even after seeing "The Catch??"...Come on, Kilgore!)

Finally, the below file photo shows that Bernadina does practice making catches.  Though, he usually has a softer landing.

 More to come.


  1. Man oh man, I've been gone for a minute. This one is classic and certainly up to your high standards. I will not rest until has t-shirt available for Red Porch ticket holders who stand up and applaud every time The Shark makes a catch worthy of his name.

    I'm one of those who say he still shouldn't be in center and should be replacing Laynce Nix if Nix reverts back to his career numbers and no longer deserves a place on my Fantasy Team.


  2. Quotes about the ROGGERY:

    Roger Bernadina: "When that guy hit the ball, I said S*%#, then I ran back and the only thing I could do is dive. It was the only play"

    Tyler Clippard: "Greatest catch of all time. Best catch I've ever seen."

    Ian Desmond: "Unbelievable. It's like beating a dead horse for me. A few people asked me how excited I was to have him here the other day; This kid brings so much energy. He's such a talented ballplayer. I'm pulling for him more than anybody out there. I definitely don't think that will be the last spectacular catch we'll see him make."

    Bob Carpenter: "That is one of the best catches you will ever see on a ball hit over an outfielder's head WOW!"

    Charlie Slowes: "Maybe the best catch we have ever seen here at Nationals Park!....Unbelievable!"

    Jim Riggleman: "That thing had an extra gear. I couldn't believe he caught it."

    Greg Dobbs (Marlins Player): “We couldn’t believe it. I wish I had an ounce of his athleticism. He’s special. It was an amazing catch, especially the ball being hit so hard off Stanton’s bat. You know those balls are going to carry because he gets good back spin. Bernadina never gave up on it."

  3. Can we please get some Shark apparel going? We need to get some more PR for the shark

  4. There is a very cool Shark T-shirt out there at

    We'll look into creating some merchandise...