Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shark Misses by "Fin"ches

No, not "finch" like the type of bird and no, as far as I know there is no Mrs. Shark.  They say baseball is a game of inches, and to Sharkadize it, I made it "fin"ches.  Yes, it's lame and terrible, don't keep reading.

As I was saying, baseball is a game of inches, and the Shark experienced it first hand, today.  The Washington Nationals dropped the rubber match against the Orioles 2-1.  To lead off the game, Bernadina laid down a perfect bunt, but because his foot was a couple of inches on home plate, he was called out.  In the 3rd inning, the Shark crushed a ball right field.  Off the bat, it looked like it had a chance to get out of the park, but fell a few inches short and ended up being a double.  Then, in the 4th, with the bases loaded, Bernadina blasted another shot to right, but the ball ended up six or fewer inches from the wall. Orioles outfielder Nick Sharkakis (thanks @federalbaseball), did his best Shark impression and robbed Bernadina of a hit.

That was it!  A total of 12 inches would have probably given the Shark a 3 for 3 day with 6 RBIs.  Instead, he settled for 1 for 5 and the Nats couldn't manage to rally behind his hard hit balls.

I know these past few posts have been weak, but I promise better posts soon.  The Nationals face off against the Brewers in Milwaukee...Sharkadina prediction tomorrow.

More to come.


  1. Actually, it's football that they say is a game of inches.
    Bernadina's double off the top of the scoreboard needed at least 18 more inches to catch the flat top part and be a HR. His near grand slam needed another 3 feet or more before it would've been beyond the fielder's reach, as it was, he didn't even leave his feet, he waited under it and just reached up and caught it. That's a low wall next the scoreboard that can be 'climbed' if he had needed to.

  2. Actually, any game is a game of inches, if you convert it to inches. 12 inches would have changed the game. Prove me wrong.