Wednesday, May 4, 2011


For the second straight day, the baseball world was Shark-less....

As expected, it sucked.

The Syracuse Chiefs followed their rained out Tuesday game with a Wednesday off-day.  No vicious attacks (on baseballs and players) or amazing feats of power were reported. A day lacking Bernadina is a day worth forgetting.  The Nats lost 7-4 to the dreaded Phillies.  They are Shark-less and are not afraid to show it.  The game did have its moments, especially in the 9th, which included a Danny ESP 3-run home run and sharkingly, Matt Stairs putting a ball in play, snapping his 16 game hitless game streakJerry Hairston Jr, the starting CF for the game, went 0-4 with a K (filling in perfectly where Ankiel left off).  The final game of the Phillies series is tomorrow, so lets hope the Nats act more like a Great White than a minnow SO THEY CAN CRUSH THE PHILS.  I think that by now, you should know what my suggested solution will be.  Just to be safe...  PROMOTE THE SHARK!

The one redeeming piece of today was this great article on Roger Bernadina.  The writer, Lindsey Kramer, apparently interviewed the Shark to write this article (which is a dangerous situation in itself).  Below are some highlights of the article.
  • "He got his love of baseball and a favorable set of athletic genes from his father, a big-time baseball player in that country, and his mother, a national-caliber softball player."
  • "[The Shark] had an interest in cooking growing up, and by the time he was in the lower minors he was a popular roommate for his ability to whip up a variety of Italian dishes, his specialty."
  • "Bernadina, signed by Montreal as a free agent in 2001, is the longest-tenured player in the organization."
Like I said, the article was great.  If you have 94 seconds, I would really recommend checking it out.  Learn a few things about the Shark, and jump on the Bernadina/Shark bandwagon (especially you Ben Goessling).

Who knows, maybe he'll cook you up something fiercely tasty....on the field?

Shark is always ready with a meal.
More to come.

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