Sunday, May 1, 2011


At the 500th home game in Nationals history, the Nationals pulled out a 5-2 victory against the Giants. In your face Matt Cain!  Amazingly, they managed to do it without The Shark.  (Overall, now have a 238-262 record at home since coming over from Montreal) After falling behind early, the Nationals had to chip away against Cain and after taking the lead, held it for the day.  Jordan Zimmerman pitched very well.  Had the Shark been in left, it would have been a shut out.  Nate Schierholtz blooped a double in the 2nd, which the Shark would have devoured that ball... or if he hadn't, he would have gunned the Miguel Tejada and Mike Fontenot at the plate, cause guess what....


No excuse for this picture...
In Syracuse today, despite the 9-6 loss, Roger Bernadina went 1 for 5 but gunned a Red Wings player Toby Gardenhire at home.  His arm is one important aspect of what makes him the Shark.  Defense wasn't an issue in today's game but with the problems the Nats outfield has had defensively, they could definitely use a Shark with a cannon...cause honestly, that sounds like the most intimidating thing ever.

More to come.

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