Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Shark and Mako Morse wreck the Padres

The Nationals began their series against the San Diego Padres tonight and the Shark and Mako Morse were hungry for a victory.  As with most Padres games, the Friars didn't score much.  Neither did the Nats as it was a bit of a pitching duel, but the Nats scored more and thus won 2-1Roger Bernadina continued his leadoff prowess, going 1 for 3, with a walk.  While he didn't factor into the scoring, the Shark being in center field clearly scared the religion out of the God-fearing PadresMako Morse had a strong game as well, and his transition to 1st base makes us forget who Adam "everyman" LaRoche is.  In fact, by perhaps accepting the Mako nickname, the power of the Shark is giving him supersharkual powers.

It is really good to see the Nats win a game as it has been a while.  I return to DC in just a few days and I'm hoping for a summer surge.  We know the Shark can do it.  Now for the rest of the Nats to jump on the Shark train heading to victory station.  Can't wait to watch the Shark in person again and go to the Bernadina Birthday Bash on June 14th (It's the first game in DC after his birthday, June 12th).  Hope to see you there!

Google Searches of the Day:
  • "what are the names of the fish that sharks eat" Answer: FLORIDA MARLINS
  • "sharks in McCovey Cove" There are none yet, but that is where Bernadina will be staying when the Nats are in San Fransisco facing the Giants on June 6th.  The whole Bay Area will be under Shark watch for the series.
Article of the Day:
Sharkingly this article doesn't have to do with sharks. I was scanning the Yahoo Homepage when I saw this article about some Dallas Mavericks fan named Damaris Knobler.  The guy dresses up to every Mavericks game in a different outfit with matching sunglasses.  The players know him (Shaq calls him "Bling"), the refs know him, and now, with Yahoo's assistance, the WORLD knows him.  Here is what I want to know.  How?  How can Tyler and I(Terry) and all Shark fans across the world, get an article on Yahoo?  Here are my best guesses...
  1. The Nationals need to make it to the playoffs.  Knobler is getting attention now because the Mavs are in the NBA finals (see below)
  2. Make a ton of money and build a wide variety of Shark costumes.  From hammerhead, to goblin shark, go to every game in a new sharkadelic outfit.
  3. Find someone who works for a large internet company and bribe them with Sharkadina pins (coming soon to a Nats game for free), then FORCE THEM TO WRITE AN ARTICLE ON US AT KNIFEPOINT
  4. Just keep doing what we're doing and hope more people hear about it, and become interested enough to write a story.
If you have an idea, or know someone who can help "The Shark" get national attention, PLEASE let us know.

Testing 1, 2, 3:
I've recently noticed that a lot of the traffic that we get on this blog is on pictures that doing include the Shark.  For example, the picture of the girl with the Shark's autograph gets a lot of traffic.  Also, the ugly Phillies fans get a lot of traffic.  I am now doing to test something.  I will post 3 of the top-hit google photos of the day and see if it inadvertently draws strangers to the blog to spread the word about the Shark nickname and maybe convince William Ladson to use it (don't see how this will work):

Is that Wilson Ramos?
The San Diego Zoo welcomed new baby rhinos.  You can feed them cute treats!  Meanwhile, the Washington Nationals are welcoming the San Diego Padres to DC.  THEY WILL BE EATEN BY THE SHARK!
This is apparently from the future?
The Dallas Mavericks take on LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals.  It is going to be a 7 game war of attrition between the two teams...unless
One team (with permission from the Nats), signs the Shark to a four game contract, in which case, that team will destroy the other.

Memorialize it all.
 Sharkadina says, "Have a safe and pleasant Memorial Day Weekend!"

More to come.

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