Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pirates too scared to face Shark, Nats game called

Today's Nationals game was postponed due to rain.  It was called early, so this is probably not news to anyone.  However, according to groundskeeper (and Shark fan) Pinko Doodle, the Pittsburgh Pirates were to blame for the postponement.  Apparently, rain was not forecast until just hours before the game when suddenly a huge rain cloud appeared above the stadium and drenched the grounds.  Doodle claims that he saw several Pirates partaking in some sort of "satanic rain dance", moments before the inclement weather began.

Ronny Cedeno was the apparent ringleader as he led the team in a "can't play Shark, so we gotta make it rain" chant.

The below photograph backs Doodle's claim.  Doodle is pictured working while the Pirates conjure up the downpour.  Clearly they know that Shark's thrive in the water...

can't play Shark, gotta make it rain...
Yesterday, I coined a new word; Bernadefense. The word refers to playing defense in a way reminiscent of the Shark.  Someone who makes a highlight reel catch displays Bernadefense. The Anti-Shark, Logan Morrison, does not play Bernadefense.

My one problem with Bernadefense is that it doesn't reference "shark" in it.... So I asked twitter and here are the best(and pretty much only) answers:

@sarrraright - bernadeFINs
@DCyetti - Selachimorphense

So good!  Thank you @sarrraright and @DCyetti, you've really stepped up to the challenge.  If anyone else has a good shark-related term describing Bernadina, please write them in the comment section below!

Coming up: The series with the Pirates is over for now.  The Nationals now head to NY for a series for the Mets again.  You'll remember, they faced the Shark earlier this year during his first callup.  Somehow the Mets won.  Expect the Shark to seek revenge.

More to come.

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  1. Is that Nyjer Morgan in the way back? I could totally see him coming back getting signed to the Pirates for the sole purpose of trying to get in the Shark's head or get this game canceled. Nyjer Morgan FAIL! One wonders whether the Nationals would have made the playoffs had we put The Shark in CF from the start of last year.