Monday, May 9, 2011

Nats Shark Off Loss, Eye Braves

The taste of defeat is a bitter one.  It is the taste of decomposing fish mixed with burnt sienna hair.  Sadly, the Nationals had to taste that, losing 8-0 to Animal Sanchez and the Florida Marlins.  Despite the Shark's menacing presence, the Fish seemed to be prepared.  Secret Marlin spies swapped Roger Bernadina's normally potent bat with one soaked in Shark Repellent Bat Spray (clever on muliple levels if you click the link and recall).  Unfortunately, this plot was not uncovered until after the game, when it was too late.  The Nationals and Bernadina chose the high road and sharked it off.  They did, however, warn the Marlins front office that if they pull that sh**k again, Florida ace Josh Johnson will end up fish chum.

Despite the lopsided loss, the Nationals did have a series of Shark-esque web gems.  Mako Morse, Danny ESP and Daddy Desmond all made terrific plays and credited the Shark's presence as their motivator.

With an off day today, the ability to shark off yesterday's loss will help the Nats and the Shark arrive in Atlanta well rested and ready to feast on the Braves.  My shark friends, I have seen the future.  This is what is going to happen in Atlanta tomorrow.

The Shark arrives in Atlanta
Please note that only one player makes Atlanta's team name not seem ironic.  Mark my words, Brian McCann is going to sit perfectly still and hope Bernadina doesn't see him (Good luck...)

More to come.

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