Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Zack Grienke was dealing today in Milwaukee against the Nationals.  Sadly, he dealt the Nats a horrible hand (7, 2 offsuit) as the Brewers won 6-4Grienke had 10 Ks and added to his own cause by hitting a HR.  Prince Fielder, was the Nats killer of the day as he drove in 4 RBIs on a perfect 2 for 2 day.  After the game, it was revealed that Fielder had "goblincinterated" prior to the opening pitch.  "Goblincinerating" is the act of eating at least 30 pounds (29 pounds and less is considered 'goblimpudent') of goblin shark meat before a game to harness it's supernatural and evil powers.  It is a relatively new art but has been picking up steam since May 7th (a date which will live in infamy). Apparently, Fielder was seen eating upwards of 50 pounds of the raw meat (most of it was fed to him by Craig Counsell) before today's game which left the Nats dealing with another loss and the Brewers investing in 300 gallons of Fabreze.  Fortunately for Prince and the Brewers, the goblin shark was of no relation to Roger Bernadina.

Craig Counsell feeding Prince Fielder raw goblin shark.
The Nats managed little offense today, outside a mammoth home run by Mako Morse.  Since taking over at first base from an injured Adam LaRoche on Sunday, Mako is 7 for 17 (.412 BA) with 3 HR and 8 RBIs.  Who knew that a Mako Shark would thrive in the shallower waters of the infield?  The (real) Shark had a good game too.  Bernadina went 1 for 4 with a SB (he now has 6!!!) and a run scored.  He has continued to get on base at a good clip, as he reached base on an error in the 8th.  His speed has been forcing the other team to rush plays.  Getting on base on an error is just as good as a hit...  Keep Shark atop the lineup!

Other Game Notes:

  • Roger Bernadina is awesome.
  • The Nationals welcomed RicK AnKiel back from the DL today and he entered as a pinch hitter and true to form, he struck out...
  • Mako Morse is now in the encyclopedia! Or at least Wikipedia...
Have some extra time?:
While searching for the above photographic evidence of Prince Fielder goblincinerating I found a number of great pictures. The Onion articles are pretty good. I have links to three good Prince Fielder eating photos below.
The Shark leads the Nationals back to Washington to kick off a series against the Padres on Friday.  Expect the Shark to fry the friars.

More to come.

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