Monday, May 16, 2011


Shark vs. Pirates
The season long battle between the Nationals (led by the Shark) and the Pirates began tonight in DC and he Nationals pulled out a 4-2 victory over the Bucs, even though the Bernadina went 0-4 (he did have some hard hit balls though).  The Shark made up for the ofer performance by displaying his Shark Cannon.  With the game tied at 1 in the third inning, Brandon Wood attempted to go first to third on a single hit to center. Bad move.  Clearly he hasn't read the MLB Official Rules which have been updated since Bernadina's promotion.

Official Major League Rules: 7.01 Never, ever, EVER run on the Shark.

Of course, by breaking baseballs rule, Wood became just another victim of the Shark.  As is tradition, Wood then had to get the Shark's autograph which resulted in him playing the rest of the game without his left arm.  Bernadina's throw helped kill the Pirates attempt at taking the lead and boosted the Nats to victory.  ESP was especially moved and devoted his 2-run HR to shark victims around the world.  It is so nice to see that the Shark contributes in some way to every game.  It is also great to see him provin he is better than RicK AnKiel, too.

Fan Picture of the Day
It wasn't posted today, but I recently found this picture taken by Shark Fan @heyelisabeth!  There can truly be nothing better than getting to watch the Shark in action AND finding a shark in a Cracker Jacks box.  I am jealous beyond compare.  Unless, of course, the Nationals organization have stocked every Cracker Jack box they carry with Shark stickers... Either way, save that Shark forever, and the great Bernadina will look kindly upon you.

Which is the real Shark?

Google Search of the Day
In recent days, DOZENS of people have found this blog by searching for some variation of "johnny cueto behind the back play."  I mentioned Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto in once in one post, two days ago when the Shark was up against him in Web Gem of the Year (which I am still amazed that the Shark lost that...).  Somehow, based off that one post (thanks Google), searching for Johnny Cueto catch brings up the Sharkadina Blog as a top ten result.  The question that remains is after they search, why do they click on a blog promoting another team's sharkadelic CF?  The answer of course is that they are probably spies. Thanks to McCarthyism, "Reds" and "spies" seem to go hand in hand...

More to come.

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