Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Atlanta Anything But Brave When Shark Comes to Town

Well it seems like the Atlanta Braves Scaredy-Cats read this blog (I'm looking at you Freddie Freeman).  They must have seen this image from our post a couple of days ago and it clearly rattled them.  I can just picture them waking up in a cold sweat last night from Shark-induced nightmares.  The Braves got off to a rough start, mounted a noble comeback, but ultimately fell to The Shark and the Nationals, 7-6.

It all started with Bernadina's first at bat.  He hit it directly at Freddie Freeman at 1st base and as Freeman started over to tag the bag, he made a fatal error.  He looked at The Shark barreling towards him down the first base line.  We all know that you should NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH A SHARK!  Freeman promptly dropped the ball and there are unconfirmed reports that he soiled himself.  Just a few minutes later, Bernadina stole second and the same exact thing happened to Brian McCann.  He literally dropped the ball out of fear.

Offensively, The Shark reached base on that error and also had a walk, scoring runs both times.  He is really thriving in the leadoff spot and it seems like Riggleman agrees.  But it wasn't his offense that was impressive this game (he left that up to the rest of the outfield with Nix and Werth each hitting 3 run homers).  Tonight, Bernadina showcased his defensive prowess and why he is called "The Shark." (Do you understand now Ben Goessling?)

In the bottom of the 7th, The Shark used his super speed and his Shark Cannon to gun down Frddie Freeman at 2nd base.  Freddie apparently walked back to the dugout muttering about having been "bitten by a shark," and his "nightmares came true," and saying that because of Bernadina he could "never go to the ocean or an aquarium ever again."  A little later in the 9th, with the game on the line, Brooks Conrad hits a hard fly ball into right center that looked like it may be a home run...but that ball might have well as been a bloody minnow in shark infested water, because The Shark devoured it right at the wall.

After the game, a female reporter attempted to interview him, repeatedly calling out his name.  He just kept walking and said only this:

More to come.  (Thanks to @Joined2readSVP for the pic)

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  1. Thanks to this blog, I am now the Shark's #2 fan.