Friday, May 20, 2011

Bats Stay Silent, Nats Lose

Yesterday, the Nationals lost 3-0 to the Mets, caused directly by the acid rain that was pouring from the sky.  This afternoon, the bats stayed silent and the Nationals lost 1-0, with the Shark going 0-3.

Allow me to catch you up.  Bats are evil, disgusting, shark-hating creatures (I once spent a summer sleeping in a bat infested cabin in Northern Wisconsin, so I know first hand).  As you may or may not know, bats are blind, and therefor emit a high frequency noise and use echolocation to "see" where they are going.  Humans can't hear the noise, but animals can.  Playing in baseball stadiums that are full of bats, the Shark is completely used to this noise. This afternoon at Citi Field, in a spiteful rage-filled manner, the bats literally went silent.  This crazy change wreaked havoc on Roger Bernadina's "Shark Senses" and possibly affected the entire Nats team.

In order to start winning more games, the Nats Bats need to WAKE UP!  Hopefully our Bats are loud in Baltimore this weekend.

Wait, what bats are we talking about anymore?
More to come.

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